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Meal after meal and day after day dinner recipes can become a real chore. It's easy to get stuck on the same few meals. Some families eat the same tired things while forgetting about some old favorites. Poor planning causes that. Because people have so much to do they often ignore the healthy eating.

When coming up with recipes and a menu schedule prior planning prevents future problems. When a menu is planned in advance the selection becomes more diverse. Sure the food is important, but so is the atmosphere around the meal. Even the same old food can be an adventure if cooked a different way.

Take ground beef for example. Add some flour, vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and lettuce. That's a hamburger, right? Well, it's also tacos. Tacos and hamburgers have a lot of the same basic ingredients, but to most people they're very different foods. One food can make many different recipes and thus meals. Let's try another one. Chicken and potatoes. Fried chicken and French fries aren't too healthy. But roasted chicken and potatoes are. Still chicken and potatoes. Chicken salad and chips make a good lunch. Chicken pot pie. Chicken Teriyaki may not include potatoes, but it includes a starch in the white rice. There it is, a lot of variety from only a few basic foods.

Try more than one meat. Delicious kebabs come from chicken and steak along with some vegetables. Then there's a classic favorite of steak and lobster. Fish and chips make a good appetizer for a fried turkey, all made in the same deep fryer.

Where can people find more of these? Cooking shows are all over the television. The shows have lots of cooking ideas, and even associated web sites where more dinner recipes can be found. A quick Google search on dinner ideas can give a lot of, well, ideas. It would take more than a life time to read every cooking web site and online food tip.

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