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Dinner recipes can get hard when days turn to weeks turn to months. Some people find themselves rotating between the same boring meals again and again. Sometimes old favorite recipes get forgotten as people eat the same things. Random meal selection results in that situation. People have a lot to do so the idea of planning a healthy menu is lost in the shuffle.

Prior planning is important when designing a menu and recipes to cook from it. People who take some time to plan out menus can select a wider variety of recipes. Everyone can enjoy the same basic food if it's made into a variety of different meals.

Try ground beef. With bread (buns) and some vegetables it can become a hamburger. That's a taco too. While very different in the eyes and taste buds of most people, hamburgers and tacos share many of the same basic ingredients. Many different meals can come from one food. Here's another. We'll consider chicken with potatoes. It's not very healthy to eat French fries and fried chicken. Roast the chicken and potatoes for a healthy meal. More with the same potato and chicken. Try chicken salad with potato chips for lunch. Then there's chicken pot pie. There may not be potatoes with Chicken Teriyaki but the rice is also a starch. A few basic foods can lead to great variety.

Multiple meats can be fun too. Some vegetables along with chicken and steak grilled on skewers are yummy kebabs. Steak and lobster is fun for adults and kids. The same deep fryer can cook both a fried turkey and some fish and chips for an early snack.

Where can people find more of these? Cooking shows are all over the television. The shows have lots of cooking ideas, and even associated web sites where more dinner recipes can be found. A quick Google search on dinner ideas can give a lot of, well, ideas. It would take more than a life time to read every cooking web site and online food tip.

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