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A lot of Americans don't cook well. That's right, they live full lives. Between work and school and other activities they're lucky if they have time to stop at a fast food joint much less prepare quality meals at home. The issue isn't always cooking but rather planning nutritious menus. People who have trouble with this, however, must not be paying much attention. With the Internet, cooking shows, and food demonstrations daily at supermarkets, it's easier than ever to plan a whole week of meals. The entire family will like these dinner ideas.

Fairs and street vendors often have corn dogs, an American favorite. While not a healthy food, it is a tasty one that is easy to prepare. Coat the hot dogs with batter made of flour, corn meal, milk, salt, sugar and baking powder, then fry them until golden. If you want the feel of the fair, insert a popsicle stick.

Way back when, in colonial times, dinner was a lighter snack followed by supper later in the day. Over time this was adjusted according to the needs of social class and work type. Afternoon dinner helped those with physical jobs make it through the later part of the day. Dinner has changed to become the anchor meal for most families, and a transition between work and school and preparing for a night of sleep. Most people call the big meal either or both of supper or dinner. The late meal can be light especially for people who are weight conscious. Go more the dinner way with a lighter meal.

Crock pots were made for busy schedules. Set it, forget it, then return home to a well cooked meal. The whole meal can cook without supervision. Try pot roast and potatoes. Stop on the way home for a hot loaf of bread. Or, skip the bread to avoid the extra calories.

It's not that hard to cook well, for example grilled steak and baked potatoes.

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