Corelle: A Quality Made Dinnerware

Corelle is one of the famous brands of dinnerware that is both of the highest standard and affordable. The various product lines and pattern styles of Corelle can showcase the different ambiance you can set for your home.

Dinnerware is a set of dishes that includes serving pieces and drinking vessels. One of the recognized brands of dinnerware worldwide is Corelle. It is popularly known for its strength and durability. Their quality glass dinnerware is noted to be break and chip resistant. It is made through a hub lamination process, having three-layers of glass bonds. This kind of process produces a durable, lightweight and multi-layered dinnerware.

Corelle dinnerware features an affordable and yet attractive product. It is a wonderful achievement of the Corning Glass Works R and D scientists. Moreover, it is easy to clean, just as it is fade resistant, microwave and oven safe at about 350 degrees. The unique enamel is made up of lasting decorations. This is since it has become a part of the glass during the whole process.

Corelle dinnerware usually consists of 2 glass compositions, namely the core and the glaze. It is thermally bonded. It forms its shapes and tempers with the glass, making the patterns stand for a long time. Lamination on the product makes it much stronger than the usual individual components.

All products are sealed with a protective wax coating which can easily be removed. Thus, Pressware Manufacturing in Corning produces up to 100 million pieces each year.

Corelle Vitrelle and Vitrelle 2 is also an advanced technological glass material known for its strength and versatility. These products are sold under Corelle Livingware, Corelle Ultra and Corelle Lifestyles. Vitrelle offers a three year warranty against chipping and breaking. This is while stoneware offers a mere one year warranty.

There are six product lines that have different quality variations. This would include Correlle Livingware, Impressions, Square, Lifestyles, Ultra and the Heartstone.

o Livingware - They offer smart and savvy dishes that will impress your dinner guests. They provide a 3 year limited warranty.

o Impressions - This type combines both new trends and timeless traditions, adding elegant experiences to your dining room. Its classic look and pattern assortment will flatter decors and table settings.

o Square - This is the newest innovation designed by Studio Levien of London. It features a square sleek design, along with rounded corners, where in, rims are flared. This timeless featured product also has a 3 year limited break and chip warranty.

o Lifestyles - With cutting edge fashion patterns, this product line will not make you worry about cracks, scratches and stains.

o Ultra - This type is known as virtually unbreakable by Consumer Digest. It has the legendary properties of versatility, along with the heavier weight most people prefer.

o Hearthstone® Stoneware - This type features different designs for a dependable stoneware collection, especially for people who have a casual lifestyle.

Corelle’s casual pattern style includes the following:

? Anna - This has a groovy pattern that looks fun and fresh. It perfectly complements the retro trend. It is fabulously designed and follows a color scheme.
? Autumn Mist - This features the falling leaves design, along with soft muted colors of a pure white plate.
? Bahia - This is a casual classic of ocean blue colored scrolls in plain white dinnerware.
? Bamako - This has a traditional round feature at the center, having a sleek square shape plate and rounded corners. It is inspired by ethnic trends, especially for its rich color and texture.
? Bamboo Leaf - This is designed with a nature outing trend of green colors.
? Basketweave - This has a pattern that was influenced by woven handmade baskets, creating a timeless design.
? Bella Vista - This features a festive and hand-painted look for its leaves, along with the golden sunlight and whimsical vines, making it more dynamic.
? Berries and Cherries - This is for the traditional and casual dining of red and blue fruit designs.

Corelle also produced a contemporary set of patterns. It has accents of black, red and grays as its finishing touch. This includes the following:

? 4 dots
? Asian Bloom
? Bay Leaf Green Square
? Blue Diamonds
? Circles
? City Block
? Cumin Orange
? And Chili Red Round

Another traditional pattern, more on having a style with a romantic ambience, includes the following products:

? Abundance
? Antique Linen
? Apple Harvest
? Apricot Groove
? Blue Swirls
? Botanique
? And Boheme

Corelle continuous to become popular because of the high customer satisfaction rating it receives. They aim to further improve as a producer of dinnerware that has lasting durability and quality.

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