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Dinner time is the menu I focus on most. I have to think cheap for a family of seven. My budget allows for me to spend about $5 per meal. Ya, not a lot for my big family but with time and effort I have been able to create basic healthy meals that my kids will actually eat. Most of the menu’s under the $5 menu tab will feed a family of 4 people. I have found simple ways to add more ingredients to make sure there is enough to feed everyone.

* Spaghetti - I add an 1/2 extra package of noodle, 1 can tomato sauce and extra seasonings.
* Pasta with white sauce - 1 add 1/2 extra package of noodles, 1 cup sour cream and extra seasoning.
* Casseroles - again I add extra noodles or rice, double the can ingredients and extra seasoning.

I buy canned fruits and vegetable the case each month. The main reason being they are great fillers, the kids can have 2nd’s or even 3rd’s (yes I’m dreaming I know that such a request would never be made in my house). I only buy fresh fruits and veetable that are in season and on sale otherwise I could not afford them.

Whenever possible I always make extra. This serves 2 purposes. First you never know who is going to stop by for a visit so there is always enough for an extra plate or two and second (a term that makes my kids cringe) LEFTOVER’S! I package left overs in those Ziploc plastic containers and my husband will take them for lunch the next day or I freeze them then the kids and I will eat leftovers throughout the week for breakfast or lunch depending on what the left over is.

With these suggestions dinner doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It just takes a little planning and some effort and you will have simple cheap family meals and a little extra money in your wallet.

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