Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

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Visitors to the Twin Cities can take in a show at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. Moreover More than eight million patrons have seen over 193 shows there since 1968. That number is staggering, but not surprising given the quality shows appearing at Chanhassen.

Moreover The 90,000 square foot facility was constructed and designed by Herbert and Carolyn Bloomberg on what was once a corn field. They had designed a new home for the Old Log Theater. Moreover They decided to follow that projects by building their own theatre complex 30 minutes from downtown. To add to the risk their vision included a restaurant. Surely the distance from downtown as well as a restaurant, a business with a high failure rate, combined to doom this dream.

Then in October of 1968 the theatre started business. Fittingly, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was the inaugural production . Moreover Then the Fantastic came to town. So here's a pun.

On February 18, 1971 a production of I Do! I do! opened in the Playhouse, a smaller theatre space in the Chanhassen facility. It ran a staggering 21 years. What is more staggering is that it included the original cast for the entire run. Do you think they were typecast? Chanhassen became known all over America for that show. I Do! I do! ended in 1992, but was back after a few months for a January to December run in 1993. For two years following that, Stevie Ray's Comedy Troop entertained audiences. That pretty good too

Both Stevie Ray's Comedy Troop and I Do! I do! later returned to Chanhassen, but in a different room. The Courtyard, now called the Club, hosted each of the plays in 1995. Moreover Today the Club is use for weddings and business gatherings. Camelot, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music and many other plays have appeared at Chanhassen. The list goes on and on. That can be found on the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre web site takes a look on google.

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