A Perfect Dinner For Valentines Day

Which image come to your mind, when you think about a perfect Valentine's Day celebration?

I personally think about a romantic, candlelight dinner with a bottle of wine. You can take you partner out to a fine dinner in a nice restaurant, but you can also stay in your own home and prepare a romantic meal.

I like the second option because it allows you to create a romantic evening, with a nice intimate atmosphere only for you and your partner outside of crowded restaurants. It also allows you to save some money for spending a little more on a gift. So if you decide to cook, what about a dinner with aphrodisiac food to seduce your partner and make your evening more 'spicy'? Do not forget a person's heart is through the stomach.

Aphrodisiac Food

The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite and designates a food that have the ability to activate or enhance sexual desire in whomever consumes it.
The belief that certain type of food can enhance sexual desire is centuries old.
Food traditionally known as aphrodisiac include chocolate - a classical Valentine's Day gift, bananas, asparagus because of their suggestive shape, chili peppers, and seafood. The ancient world believed seafood to be aphrodisiac because Aphrodite was born of sea foam.

However, it must be remarked that there are some skeptics concerning the ability of some food to affect the sexual desire. On the other side, shellfish are naturally low in fat, high in protein and replete with minerals such as magnesium, selenium that in a balanced diet can lead to better health, and consequently to a better sexual performance.

Not to forget that oysters - probably the most well-known seafood aphrodisiac - have high levels of zinc, which is critical to male fertility.

Therefore you can you can prepare a Valentine's Day menu containing these foods. Especially if you and your partner love seafood nothing could be better. You can prepare a salad with asparagus as starter, some shellfish as main course, and finalize your dinner with a chocolate mousse as dessert.

Creating a Romantic Atmosphere

The menu you serve plays an important role in your Valentine's Day celebration, but to make it perfect you should create a romantic, harmonic, and comfortable environment. You can cover your table with a white tablecloth and decorate it with some red candles (with heart shapes, for instance).

Or you can invert it and cover the table with some red tablecloth, put on it some white candles and serve the meal on white plates. This creates a beautiful contrast. Nevertheless, how you choose to decorate, use some red color because it is the color of passion that enhances sensuality.

Another idea is to create a candle light path up to the bedroom, where you have spread roses petals on the bed.
Not to forget music. Turn on the stereo with some music you both like.

Well, these are just suggestions. You can design your dinner according to yours and your partner taste. Use your creativity to create your perfect romantic and erotic Valentine's Day night.

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