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Trying to introduce vegetarian meals to your family?There are many health benefits to the vegetarian diet, both to the individual as well as to the planet. Incorporating vegetarian meals into your diet is actually quite easy, even if you're used to a heavier, meat-based diet.

There are many vegetarian dishes that can be substituted for meat dishes. Some people are inclined to switch to vegetarian cooking for a change in lifestyle and some for a healthier way of life. The fact is that vegetarian cooking is much healthier than meat dishes, and there is no reference to the morals of vegetarians here, we refer to the ingredients of meat dishes that are packed with fats and calories that lead to very unhealthy lifestyles.

8 Sumptuous Vegetarian Substitutes To Meat:
1. For those who are looking for a meat substitute in their diet. Plant meat is a good substitute for meat in any diet. Vegetable burgers are a good change over from ham burgers.

2. Tofu is another great choice for protein rich food. There are two choices - water filled tofu or silken tofu. Made from Soya beans, tofu is a very healthy, non-fattening food and a good choice for those in a weight loss program. Tofu is a great ingredient for any vegetarian dish because it quickly absorbs flavors and is great with any sauce, and if cooked well it could pass off as a meat dish.

There are many ways to cook tofu. You could choose to fry it, grill it, saute it or bake it. All this can be done with firm tofu. Silken tofu is great with creamy sauces, dressings and desserts. When preparing tofu you should ensure that you squeeze all the water out of it. You could do this by placing it in a cloth and placing it under a heavy object for 30 minutes.

3. Another good replacement for meat in vegetarian cooking is Tempeh. Made from fermented whole Soya bean, it should be braised in a flavored liquid for at least 60 minutes prior to cooking. Once the braising process is over the Tempeh can be thrown around in flour or cornmeal before being lightly fried and served with sauce.

4. If you are looking for a substitute for chicken in your diet you could give Seiten a try.

5. Even wheat gluten is a great choice as a chicken replacement. However, nothing can be as great a protein substitute as Soya bean products.

6. Milk or Soy, rice or nuts can replace cow's milk in any recipe. The good part of these milks is that they come in many flavors.

7. As for a substitute of cheese there is a branded product called Tofutti, Many Vegan cheeses such as mozzarella, Monterey jack and cheddar that contain casein - milk derivate, for yogurt substitutes there are a variety of yogurts made from Soya milk and whole Soya.

8. People with a quest to replace eggs in their diet, tofu is a very good replacement for egg products such as quiches, egg salad, custard and scrambled eggs. One quarter tea cup of plain tofu well pureed could have any egg eater fooled.

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