Secrets To Living Healthy As A Vegan

I have lived most of my life as a vegan. Growing up with my parents and siblings, I was exposed to fresh meat products more than fresh fruit and vegetables. I decided then young as I was that vegetarian (for Me) is the way to go. As I became of age, married with three children, I decided to try and become a full on vegan, much to the disgust of many people around me. I became ill due to lack of nutrition in the foods I was consuming and the very little and limited knowledge of vegan foods and what was required to remain healthy.

Everything around me seemed to contain animal products. Given it was 20 years ago I have perfected the "Art of Eating Healthy as a Vegan" I have spent many hours researching, testing and perfecting recipes and sharing my knowledge with others, so they too can be happy, healthy and energised.

Healthy living isn't just a choice, it is actually an "Act" of choice. The way that one chooses to live in a world full of dangerous pesticides, unknown substances and mysterious elements.

The first words that comes out of strangers mouths is "you look to healthy to be a vegan" There is never a day that goes by that I actually have to or choose to say the word "vegan" Whether for clarity reasons, before I buy some delicious chocolate or to share something about myself to someone I had just met.

Many people seen to be under the impression that vegetarian and vegans are malnourished and overly skinny (many also think vegetarians and vegans are the same thing), full of sickness and have no energy. This can be true if you don't look after yourself properly and eat healthy.

How many people do you know that actually are true eating vegans? People that really practice the art of "Healthy Eating". What we put into our mouths is what we become. I can relate to this remark in many different ways. "We are what we eat'" However I truly believe that each person needs to be able to understand and determine what their body requires at every moment of the day. We don't just eat for pleasure.

I know that pleasure has a lot to do with our choice of foods in life, but we need to truly focus on the other reasons why we eat! "Energy & Health" our driving force to walking, talking and playing. "Food" in all aspects of translation very much so has a huge influence on how we act and what we do. The old saying that we must put petrol in the car so it can run for another 500kms, simply means that we must fuel our stomachs so we can function for the rest of the day. The Question is, "Do we want to Simply function or do we want to be energised and full of life for the day? I know which one I would choose!

Being a healthy vegan doesn't mean that you have to miss out on delicious meals, scrumptious desserts and fabulous snacks, life as a vegan can be healthier and more energised than you can ever experience. Once you truly practice the "Art of Healthy Eating as a Vegan" you will never look back. You will wonder why you ever followed such a Rocky Path.

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