How To Find Vegan Cookie Recipes

For those who love to bake, it can be a difficult decision to become a vegan. But being a vegan doesn’t mean that you need to stop baking. There are many great vegan baked goods, and especially delicious vegan cookie recipes.

Vegan Baked Goods Are Tasty

If you have recently become a vegan, it may seem as though you need to give up all of your favorite foods. This isn’t true, and almost every recipe can be adapted to be vegan friendly, including cakes and cookies.

Great Dairy Substitutes

It can be difficult to bake in a vegan way because of how necessary eggs, milk and butter can be to baking recipes. It can be hard to find a substitute which both works in recipes and does not change taste.

A wonderful substitute, especially in vegan cookie recipes, is apple sauce. It can be substituted for eggs in order to bind ingredients together. It doesn’t change taste, and it makes your recipes healthier.

Easy Vegan Cookie Recipes

There are many great vegan cookie recipes. One surprising vegan cookie is vegan chocolate chips. By substituting apple sauce for eggs, and using vegan chocolate chips, you can have a wonderful vegan cookie.

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