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Many consumers hear about organic farming, but they aren't sure what that means and sometimes question what makes food organic and why it is more expensive than other options. They may be amazed of the typically higher cost of organic foods and may conclude that their perceived benefits are not worth the extra expense. When you truly consider the benefits of organic food, you will look past the rice cakes and organic vegetables, and realize that it is an actual change in your way of thinking (about health and the environment) and lifestyle.

Essentially, organic food can be determined as any food product that is grown in organically-certified land without any chemical treatments, either in the form of fertilizers or pesticides. All substances put on the ground or the plants must come from a natural source and there can be no chemical additives, even accidental ones. Even though the yield of a field may be reduced due to a lack of chemical fertilizer use, or that the crop has a higher price due to a low supply, it is important that we are assured that what is grown is truly organic food.

For many years, growers have used chemically enhanced fertilizers and pesticides because they were cheap and greatly improved their crop growth. Pesticides were used to keep many insect intruders at bay without regard for what is organic food and how these chemicals leached into the ground and surrounding water supplies.

Keep Mother Nature on The Side of Good Health

Before the chemical products were developed the farmers used natural resources to provide the world with food supplies, and they had no notion of what is organic food and why is it good for them. It is only after using chemically treated fertilizers for many years that people are realizing they should be utilizing less and less of these, because natural is not only good for them but for the planet as well.

Think of how leaves fall to the forest floor and, as they deteriorate, they create a natural fertilizer for the for the new saplings. Without undue interference, natural predators control destructive insect pests on these fresh plants as they continue their growth. For showing what is organic food, how to get healthier food, and achieving a healthier planet, this picture is perfect.

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