The Increased Benefit Of Organic Tofu

As more and more people heed the advice of researchers and begin to examine what they are eating, there has been a momentous change in the diets of many modern Americans. Heeding the advice of experts who herald the benefits of whole, natural foods, the health-conscious among us are looking for new and better ways to feed ourselves and our families in a healthy – and delicious – way. Tofu continues to be a main staple in the diets of vegetarians and healthy eaters as a meat alternative. But with the growing trend towards choosing organic foods, many tofu enthusiasts are taking their diet another step further by choosing organic tofu.

Tofu derives from soybean curd and is used in a variety of recipes and cuisine based on its moisture content. Soft tofu, with the consistency of custard, is often used in the making of tofu-based deserts. Firm tofu, has lower moisture content than soft tofu and is generally pressed into blocks to be used in recipes. Dried tofu has the lowest moisture content of all tofu varieties and is often used crumbled or sliced in tofu recipes; in some cases it is pressed into noodles. Tofu can be used as a meat substitute in most any recipe; tofu made into a puree can be used as an alternative to dairy products. Because tofu has very little of its own natural flavor, it has the ability to absorb the flavor of any other ingredient in the dish. Subsequently, tofu enthusiasts use tofu in a variety of cuisines that feature it raw, stewed, fried, and even grilled.

Organic tofu differs from traditional tofu in that the soy milk that is used to make the tofu is organic. Tofu is extremely healthy to start, packing an enormous amount of protein in every bite; it is also low in calories and contains zero cholesterol. The soy protein found in tofu has even been found to reduce the risk of heart disease. But with the use of organic tofu, the health benefits increase even still. Organic soy milk means that you are minimizing significantly – if not eliminating altogether – your exposure to chemical additives or genetic modification.

Many people are so committed to using only organic tofu that they choose to make their own tofu at home. This can be a relatively easy thing to accomplish and will ensure that you have complete control over all the ingredients. There are tofu-making kits for home use that can be found online and will ensure that you always have access to organic tofu!

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