Raw food diet - the best option for a healthy life

People all around the globe seem to have appropriated a new trend: eating fast and generally unhealthy. We prefer cooked food and particularly fast-food. Next to the fact that this is really bad for our bodies, it doesn’t really contain any vitamins due to the pre-prepared and frozen state. Add a lot of oil heated repeatedly at very high temperatures and you have the unhealthiest diet ever.

What does eating raw actually mean? It means trying to keep the quantity of cooked food to the minimum, eating instead a larger amount of vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Sometimes we do not have energy, we are thinking slow and reacting at a slow pace, and all of this is because we tend to eat erratically, without giving our organism time to digest. Our bodies are full of hard to digest food and if we try to change our manner of getting nutrients by going on a raw food diet, we can really give our stomachs and the related organs a well-deserved break.

Today there are plenty of products available on the market that can help you follow a raw food diet, from oil to sweets, all prepared after natural recipes, without being cooked: they are made from organic products. A lot of people wonder where they might find information about these kinds of products or information about how can you keep a raw food diet and why it’s good for you. Here, on rawbakery.com, you will find what you need.

What are the benefits of eating raw? – You may ask. First of all, cooked food loses a big part of the original nutrients and vitamins that it contained before preparation. When heat is applied to any type of food, a number of chemical changes are triggered inside the products, resulting into bad enzymes that affect your system. How come doctors tell us that cooked food is good for us? It is very simple. Choosing between two wrongs, they tell us which one is the better one. Even though this might sound ridiculous, it’s the plain truth. Choosing between cooked foods that you prepare at home and those we eat at fast food diners may be difficult for you – however, doctors will recommend the first option as the better alternative.

Vegetarians and vegans are no longer a rare phenomenon. They are very healthy people and do not lack vitamins or calcium. Contrary to everybody’s belief that we take our calcium from dairy products it is actually very true that the biggest part of calcium comes from fruits and vegetables. The amount of calcium that our organisms transform from milk, cheese and yoghurt is negligible.

The best way to make sure your children and your family are getting all the necessary energy and vitamins is to teach them to eat raw and have a stabile raw food diet that contains plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains. Even though sweets are not very healthy in large quantities, raw sweets are not as damaging for your children and you, as long as they are not abused and complemented by a rigorous daily hygiene. We have to keep in mind that just eating healthy will not necessarily be the only thing to put us back in shape – a natural way a life is also needed.

The Mediterranean breakfast contains fruits and natural juices and it can be a great way to start the day; it can give you a fresh start every morning and make you feel energetic all day. If you combine it with a raw lunch and a healthy dinner, you can start getting the full experience of how well you can live without hamburgers and French fries. People are very skeptical about any major changes in their lives, and some even think a meal that doesn’t contain cooked meat it is not a meal. We should always be open to suggestions and try to improve our way of living and the quality of life.

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Exhaustion, little spare time or simple ignorance can make us eat the wrong type of food. Changing our life style to improve our health by taking on a raw food diet can turn into the best thing we have ever achieved. You can learn how to eat properly – consuming foods raw – from books, doctors or by joining us, on rawbakery.com.