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Approximately 30 years ago, India enthusiastically cuddled to the tools and techniques of Green Revolution. Dams and irrigation projects were accomplished to reduce the reliance on monsoon and enable the farmers yield more than one crop per year. Though, the benefits derived from Green Revolution can't be ruled out. There were some unnecessary side effects also that became more apparent in the past few years. Hence, organic farming was the next option that Indian farmers preferred to go with. The beginning of the new millennium marked a rapid boost in organic farming in India, as the government had realized the great income potential of organic food export by then. The other factor to push the growth of organic food production was its cost-effectiveness as compared to modern farming. Unlike modern farming, organic farming requires fairly lesser investment in equipments and chemicals. As per a recent research report named, "Food Processing Market in India (2005)" published by RNCOS, "Around 53% of organic food produced in India is exported, whereas merely 2.5% population of India consumes the organically grown food. The reason being the moderately higher cost of organic food, as it costs around 25% more". As per experts, "Sole dependence on organic food can't fulfill the food requirement of the masses. To avoid food shortage we ought to take both the organic as well as modern farming together". As per experts, "The export of organic food and value added agricultural produce should further grow in the years to come. Thus, enabling the food processing industry in India to earn more revenue". Various government support programs to support the growth of Indian food industry are discussed in this report. The report also provides a comprehensive analysis of the current trends and future prospects of the food processing market in India. Profiles of the key players in this sector, legal framework and regulations governing the food industry in India and also the challenges and opportunities before the Indian organic food business make this report a must read for both the investors as well as the industrialists. To purchase your copy: For more information please visit

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