What Else Are Pecans Good For?

Food is the very first use for pecans

As you may or may not know, pecans have been a main food source to the Native Americans long before the white settlers ever came to this country. Those settlers watched and learned from the Native Americans and began adding pecans to their own diets. These useful little nuts soon became as much a food staple to the settlers as they were to the Indians. To this very day we Americans have not lost our taste for these tasty little nuts. A southern favorite made with pecans is pralines.

Using the shells as part of your compost mixture

This is something that some people have not thought of doing; adding the pecan shells to their compost pile. Why not is the most logical question? It is well known that you cannot leave the pecans on the ground beneath their parent tree as they will rot very soon after hitting the ground, especially in it has been raining a great deal or is very humid where you live. In your compost pile, those shells will break down very easily, especially if they are in small pieces. This is a more eco-friendly way to get rid of those pecans and shells without adding to the content of a landfill; not that this would make any huge difference if you are throwing away a handful or even a small bagful of pecans.

Any other useful information about pecans?

As a matter of fact, there is more to be said. Remember that you will always have competition from a few small, furry neighbors –squirrels. Anyone who has put bread or seed out for the birds will remember this fact; as the squirrels like to steal the bird seed if the mixture happens to have sunflower seeds in the mix. These furry little bandits are much better than we humans are when it comes to gathering and stashing away all of the tasty nuts that they can get their furry paws on. Everyone knows that a squirrel is a master when the subject of discussion is gathering nuts to store away for winter.

What about food allergies?

Are pecans one of the nuts that people can be allergic to? Of course; you can be or become allergic to pecans as easily as any type of food or drink in this vast amount of foods that are available to us today. How can someone find out that they are allergic without having to suffer through a serious allergic reaction? There are sensitivity tests that a specialist can do; but the simplest way to know is to keep track of what you eat in a food journal and then avoid any food that you have a reaction to. This is not meant to be negative towards or about pecans; just straight forward. There are people that are allergic to these nuts alone; while others are only sensitive to them. If you do want to eat something that you are sensitive, talk to your doctor and take their advice. Reading food labels very carefully to know if something has these nuts in it make sense in this case.

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