Truthful Tidbits about Pistachios

Do you enjoy the taste of pistachio nuts? I think just about everybody does. Pistachios can be eaten raw or roasted in the shell--either way they are interesting. Even their color is interesting. Here is some interesting trivia that you may not know about the pistachio.

Pistachios aren't really nuts. This is a fact! Pistachio nuts are really seeds; the flesh of red or yellow plum-type fruits is stripped away to harvest the pistachio. They are commonly called nuts because of their appearance, and also because they are part of the cashew family. You may be surprised to learn that other members of the cashew family include sumac, mangoes, and even poison ivy!

You might say that pistachio nuts are surfers. Well, at least practically anyhow. Although we associate California with dairy and citrus, it is also the second largest producer of pistachios globally. Actually a whopping 98% of America's pistachio production is in California. However, no one in the world produces more pistachios than Iran. Now you're sure to think of pistachios when someone mentions Iran.

Pistachios are mentioned in the Bible. They are one of only two nuts mentioned there, appearing in Genesis 43:11. The almond is the only other nut mentioned in the Bible. Muslims believe that the pistachio nut was brought to Earth by Adam.

Pistachios are truly the rulers of the nut family. A legend says that pistachios were declared an exclusive royal food by the Queen of Sheba. It is true that she prohibited commoners to grow this nut for their own consumption. Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient king of Babylon, was also a great lover of pistachio nuts. Legend has it that pistachios were planted in the famous hanging gardens of Babylon. Akbar the Great, the Mogul Emperor, held ostentatious royal banquets. He often served chicken which had been fed pistachio nuts for 6 to 8 weeks prior to slaughter, thus providing his guests with a most delicious chicken.

Pistachios make you happy. Iranians call them

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