The Uniqueness of Praline Pecans

For nut lovers and those with that tingling sweet tooth, the mention of pralin pecans should always ring a bell. The story of praline pecans is believed to be one of the reasons why this sweet delight remains an interesting and an all-time favorite for a lot of people.

The Praline Story

The sugar industrialist Marshal du Plessis-Praslin is being given credit for the origin of pralin. This French diplomat and soldier was said to have employed a hardworking and brilliant cook who helped him come up with the praline idea. Despite this information remaining under debate, praline’s origin has been confirmed to be in the equally interesting region of France.

The seventeenth century was said to have witnessed the birth of the praline recipe. Originally the mixture was comprised of almond nuts and sugar syrup although nowadays many variations have been made to come up with better-tasting and more mouthwatering flavors of this sweet delight. Now more than ever, pecan nuts are becoming the world’s most favorite add-on for the recipe. It is also worth mentioning that originally, the recipe was made as an aid in digestion. Now praline pecans serve more than just that.

The Many Praline Variants

It is important to note that pralines are not limited to pecans alone. In fact, originally the nuts used with the recipe were that of almonds.

Praline is basically sugar-coated nuts grinded and turned into powder. Now this powder praline can be used as an ingredient in cakes, ice cream, and even pastries.

A great variation of praline powder can be produced by adding a wide variety of nuts (almond, pistachio, pecan, etc.) plus add-ons like vanilla and the like. Playing with these delightfully tasty ingredients give you an endless selection of flavors.

The Praline Pecan’s Unique Taste

It does not take a certified chef to make a great-tasting praline pecan. With the right ingredients, a little creativity, and the passion for delightfully flavored food, one should easily be able to make his own simple recipe similar to this favorite New Orlean’s delicacy. Keep in mind that the basic ingredients only plays 80 percent of your recipe’s result, the other 20 percent can be owed to your personal secret ingredient or technique.

In the case of praline pecans, the unique mouthwatering taste of the praline pecan can be attributed to the appropriate nuts added, the sweet cream, plus the right heating and beating time of the mixture. Of course, it’s always easier said than done and correct practice makes perfect.

Tanner’s Praline Pecans

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