Simpler Times When Roasted Pecans Meant Memories

People everywhere start searching for their new holiday recipes containing roasted pecans as soon as the weather starts to cool. They also pick up the same ingredients every year to make their famous dishes as well. You can bet that on some Christmas or Thanksgiving table, there will be a pecan pie or two and some other delectable morsel that is covered with sweet, buttery roasted pecans. If you think hard enough, you can remember times when you too have enjoyed one thing or another with the hint of roasted pecans thrown in the mix.

How To Store Them Properly

Pecans can be stored in a variety of ways and for a long period of time. This means you can purchase them ahead of time and have them ready for whenever the mood strikes. They can be stored in the shell or out but, if you purchase roasted pecans than the out of shell storage times will apply. If you want to keep them in a tin in your food closet or pantry, the general rule of thumb is no longer than four months. The refrigerator stores them from nine months up to a year and a half. In the freezer, you can keep them for use up to two years time.

Beneficial To Health And Heart

Not only was your mother and grandmother smart when they learned to make all the wonderful recipes they did for the holidays, they were right on track for keeping you healthy. One of the best things you can expect from roasted pecans is the lowering of your cholesterol levels if you have them on a daily basis. The pecan in its plain form contains a compound from the tree itself that actually cleans the body, Antioxidant. The roasted pecan can reduce the bad cholesterol and the way it clogs the arteries as well also lower the cholesterol levels altogether.

They Taste Wonderful

Roasted pecans give any recipe a very good flavor that is zesty and also adds more vitamins and nutrients than you probably know. The average pecan contains over nineteen different vitamins and minerals. They include Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Calcium, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, Vitamins B, Zinc, and loads of Potassium. They can provide your food with a buttery nutty taste without the effects of the bad grease and fat. Roasted pecans contain the good fat that is healthy for your body and they are also a no sodium food choice.

Cleaning Out the Junk

Roasted pecans, as we said earlier, are an antioxidant. This means it will reduce the oxidation of the blood and remove the toxins that might be in the body. To get this positive benefit out of the roasted pecans, you would need to add a handful to your daily diet as a snack. The more times you eat it, the better off you will be. It really is the Vitamin E in the roasted pecans that make a positive difference to the body. It really does not matter why they work; they just do and taste so good doing it.

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