Praline Pecans For an Exquisite Treat

Praline pecans are a wonderful treat any time of the year, and it remains a favorite give-away during holidays and other special occasions. In the South, particularly in New Orleans, where it is widely popular, it is their tradition to serve praline pecan during Christmas parties and have them given as presents, too.

Praline Pecans of the New Orleans

Praline pecans in New Orleans are described as sweet disk made up of sugar, butter and pecan nuts. The moment you visit the largest city of Louisiana, you truly have to take a bite of their mouth watering pralines. Believe it or not, the praline pecan that you will find here literally melts in your mouth. Although if you trace the origin of pralines, you will know that it originated in France, in this place, it has grown popular and luckily residents of the city have embraced the delicacy as their own.

In Europe, they use almonds or sometimes hazelnuts to integrate in their praline. In Texas and Louisiana, pecan nuts are the most commonly used variety of nut. Aside from pecan, cream is also added to the mixture. But when you are in the United States, praline pecan is commonly associated with the largest city of Louisiana, located in the southeastern portion, the New Orleans. The city is well known worldwide for its food and among its specialty are the praline pecans. It is made up of granulated sugar, brown sugar, butter, cream and the reason for its having an unbeatable taste-pecan.

Praline Pecan’s Secret Success

Though it is not difficult to make praline pecans, with the right touch, of course, they are still considered New Orleans’s delicacies. With simple ingredients it uses, you wouldn’t believe that it can taste elegantly. The cream added from the original praline recipe and the pecan nuts makes them yummy and quite addictive. To this date, no other candy confection available in the market can match the rich flavor of praline pecans. There are a few who still wish to learn to make them. From the makers of praline, they have two things to consider for would-be learners:

1. Learn when would be the right time to remove the mixture from the heat.
2. Learn when beating stops and to start to spoon the praline pecan mixture to the waxed paper.

Practice is still the best tip to make the best praline pecan. It will take a few times before perfecting the skills in cooking them. Though they are quite easy to make, buying them from stores and internet sites can be better, too. It is just a matter of choosing the right product.

When you talk about praline pecans, you are surely talking about Tanner’s Pecan and Candies. It is because pecan products are simultaneous with Tanner’s Pecan and Candies. The Praline pecans are fresh and have the home-made aroma. We have an array of pecan selections, from candies to pies. Get your praline pecan now and have a delightful pecan experience.

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