Praline Pecans: A Delectable Holiday Treat

Christmas is perhaps the most awaited season of the year. It is the merriest time of the year celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. It is a holiday observed in all parts of the world, Christians and non-Christians alike. Although it is differently celebrated in different customs and in different countries, it is still the same holiday that people remember, rejoice and enjoy. Christmas is the time for great festivities and they are prepared with several holiday treats. And among the treats favored by people is the delectable praline pecan.

Praline Pecan Variety

What exactly is a praline pecan? It is a crunchy pecan nut coated in caramelized sugar with cream and butter. It has been a favorite holiday treat for several years now. It is usually packed in a tin can or in a box and over the years has created varieties of it already. Among them are:

 Praline Pecan Cookies
 Praline Pecan Pies
 Praline Pecans with Cranberries
 Cinnamon Praline Pecans
 Whiskey Praline Pecans
 Praline Pecan Cakes
 Bourbon Praline Pecans

How Is It Made?

Praline pecans are so easy to make. They are best made during dry humid weather as it produces a grainy texture. Preparation of the praline pecans can be finished in about 25 minutes. It can be done by combining granulated sugar, brown sugar, butter, milk and corn syrup in a large saucepan. You bring it to a boil over medium fire and with constant stirring. After which, you remove that from the heat and stir in the toasted pecan halves. Spoon the sugar mixture onto a wax paper evenly and let it stand for 20 minutes until the mixture becomes firm. And that’s it. You can have these stored in room temperature and it may last up to seven (7) days. Or even one (1) month if stored in the freezer.

Praline Pecans for the Holidays

Perfecting the praline pecan is an every dream of every New Orleans native. As they say practice makes perfect and it will take not just once to perfect the skill of making praline pecans. But if things go wrong, especially on a tight holiday schedule, it is best to have the canned or boxed praline pecans. You may find an assortment of those in stores or even in the internet.

Praline pecans are among the favored delicious treat because of its buttery and crunchy sugar caramel coating. Praline pecans also make a great topping for ice cream. For a delicious Southern holiday treat, try praline pecans. Its full flavor and delectable taste is guaranteed to make a lasting impression to your guests this holiday season. It will also make a perfect gift or a sweet item to add to your personalized Christmas gift baskets.

Tanner’s Pecan and Candies offer only the best Southern praline pecans and other pecan treats. For that mouth watering holiday treat, you can have only from us. Grab them now where the best and delectable praline pecans are made, or you can order them online.

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