Pecans and FAQs

There a host of questions that people have about pecans. Whether they should be included in a health conscious diet or not, whether they have antioxidant capabilities, are they available the whole year around and many other such questions.

Are Pecans a Good Source Of Proteins?

Well the easiest answer is that yes they definitely are a good source of protein. What’s more pecans can be substituted for meats, fish and poultry products and that it can be added into a healthy diet. According to the dietary guidelines it is estimated that an average American must consume around 5 and a half servings from what is known as the ‘Meat and Beans’ group on a daily basis. Pecans are also included in this group as, wonder or wonders, they have proteins and nutrients in the same amount as do meat, fish, seeds, and poultry.

Do Pecans Have Natural Anti-Oxidants?

Again the answer is in the affirmative and that too loads of anti-oxidants. It is estimated, through a study conducted by the USDA Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center that pecans are the only nuts that contain as much anti-oxidants capacity as they do. No other nut contains as many or as much anti-oxidants as do pecans. Also, research conducted proves that if you add a few pecan nuts to your diet then it might just help in the prevention of the coronary heart disease as the oxidation of unwanted lipids is inhibited.

Are Pecans Available All Year Round?

Well, the great thing is that they are. Though pecans have been in great demand and have been largely seen as a holiday season treat, it comes as no surprise that in today’s times you can eat these nuts any given time of the year. They are available at all shops and the very fact that they are cholesterol –free and have a little more than 19 vitamins means that they are the perfect health snack. So the next time you buy a bag of chips to take to your office, think about bringing a few pecan halves to the office for your snack. If you are looking for a candy bar in the afternoon the best thing would be to substitute pecans for it, as you will feel full for a little while longer as they offer long lasting energy.

Do Pecans Contain Fat?

Yes, Pecans do contain fat, but not all fats are harmful and some of the fats restrict the harmful effects of the other fats. Pecans contain 90 percent unsaturated fats and this fat is surprisingly healthy enough for the heart. Therefore, do not worry about the fact content in Pecans as it will only be good for your health.

We can imagine that there might be many more questions in your mind regarding pecans. There is no doubt that it is fast emerging as a premier health food and this is apart from it being used to prepare more and more delicacies. So without any doubt or forethought eat Pecans.

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