Holidays Expect to Bring Roasted Pecans

Holidays Expect To Bring Roasted Pecans

Many holiday traditions start with or include roasted pecans as a family tradition. The sprit of the season would be nothing without this favorite treat being served in many of the dishes or as a snack. One can almost smell the delicious aroma they provide if you choose to make your own roasted pecans. Most individuals, however, find it is easier to order them long before the holidays arrive and keep them on hand for those special recipes you cant wait to create. The rich dark aroma of the roasted pecans will waft through the air as soon as you open the can. What memories it brings back to you of simpler times when things were much slower.

The Best Flavor

Roasted Pecans have a buttery texture and flavor and if done right will taste sweet and delicious. Just like any other food or beverage that gives undertones of other favorite tastes, the roasted pecans also give a hint of a sweet vanilla and almond flavor. Pecans that are freshly roasted will give you memories of those cold winter nights when you needed to be wrapped up in front of a fire under a cozy blanket for two.

Favorite Recipes

The roasted pecans are so popular during the holidays because of the wonderful recipes they can be used in for family get together. These favorites include pecan pie, pralines and cream, and roasted pork with pecans and sauce. These roasted pecans are a treat to the mouth but are amazingly good for you nutritionally. They contain large amounts of protein and fats that are good for the body. These are unsaturated fats. The oils in the pecans are used to cook other special recipes as well. Pecan roasted and eaten alone are great for cleaning the body of antioxidants and cholesterol levels from the body.

Just The Facts

Studies indicate that pecans eaten on a daily basis can lower your cholesterol levels at the same reduction rate as the medication used to do the same. This is true of plain pecans just as it is of the roasted pecans alike. Even the USDA proclaims these nuts are good for the cholesterol. They also have vitamins A and E in them. Nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, folic acid, Zinc, and potassium also can be found inside the roasted pecans. They can also help those who are trying to loose weight because of the reaction they have on the metabolism. It raises it considerably.

Eat As Many As You Like

The great thing learned here is that while those of us who are used to having the roasted pecans as a treat for the holidays can now feel good about ourselves if we choose to indulge in this special treat all year long. Not only is it a good idea, it is strongly encouraged as a positive snack to add to your healthy diet. Take them with you for a snack while you are at work. They will give you the positive boost you need to keep you energized.

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