Give Your Man Peanut Butter For A Gift

Many people get stumped for men's gift ideas. Why not really surprise him with a gift of – gourmet peanut butter?

Really! Gourmet peanut butter is actually a wonderfully tasty gift. In fact Crazy Richard's peanut butter was listed as one of the top 125 men's foods for two years in a row by Men's Health Magazine.

We're not talking about supermarket-grade peanut butter. While that stuff is great for school kids and basic lunchtime fare, gourmet peanut butter is a lot different, for many reasons.

Gourmet peanut butter is all natural, with no salt or sugar added.

It may be handmade, rather than being processed by machine.

Additional flavors may be added, such as chocolate or chili peppers.

Peanut butter, especially gourmet peanut butter can be a very healthy gift. According to Wikipedia, peanut butter's monounsaturated fats and resveratrol protects against cardiovascular disease. Peanut butter also provides protein, magnesium, folate, dietary fiber, arginine and p-courmaric acid, along with Vitamins B-3 and E.

So what should you look for in gourmet peanut butter? Here's how to test it:

1. Open the jar and sniff. Do you smell peanuts? Do they smell fresh?

2. Look at the top of the peanut butter in the jar. Is it runny or thick? Do you see any oily drainage?

3. Dip a clean finger in the jar and scoop out a small portion. Does it seem smooth or gritty?

4. Now taste it. Is it slightly sweet? Do you taste the peanut flavor? Do you taste any other additional flavors?

Gourmet peanut butter makes an excellent gift for a guy. If he is still going to school or if he's a teacher, give him a gourmet peanut butter and jelly gift basket. Include gourmet jelly and a loaf of gourmet bread. Include some school supplies, such as pens, pencils and notebooks. Add an apple for the teacher.

Another way to present gourmet peanut butter is to include it as a snack pack for game time. Include other favorite foods for a tailgate party. Add some blankets, noisemakers and other paraphernalia in his favorite team's colors.

If the man in your life is a runner, he would love a gift of gourmet peanut butter and other running supplies, such as a stop watch or a new pair of running socks. Peanut butter provides a lot of the protein and other nutrients runners need to keep going.

Guys can enjoy gourmet peanut butter on more than just sandwiches. Peanut butter can be spread on just about any food, including apples or celery. It tastes great as a glaze over popcorn and it can even be used in ice cream.

Of course, before you give gourmet peanut butter as a gift, be sure neither he nor his loved ones or coworkers have a peanut allergy. This is a potentially fatal condition and you wouldn't want an innocent gift to trigger a reaction.

Gourmet peanut butter is a fun gift almost any guy would appreciate. Be creative and gift that is almost always in good taste.

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