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The pecan pralines from Tanner’s Pecan and Candies are absolutely and enormously better than the other pecan pralines offered in town. Pecan pralines are luscious candies individually coated with caramelized sugar edible nuts that are bursting with sugary sweet taste that blends with every mouth’s cravings. The distinctly delicious pecan pralines from Tanner’s Pecan and Candies never go outdated even if they opted to offer traditional-recipe pecan pralines.

A Bit of Information

A pecan praline is a product of two combine words-pecan and praline, a pecan whose scientific name Carya illinoinensis is by the way an Agonquin Indian term that literally means “to be cracked with a stone” while “praline” means any sugar-coated nut.

Approved Health Claims for Pecans

For all pecan praline lovers, there is a great news brought by Food and Drug Administration as it has approved a health claim on the role of pecans and other nuts in helping to reduce many heart-related disease. Nuts, which include pecans, macademia, Brazil nuts almonds, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews, pine nuts, and walnuts, can now proudly carry in their product label the health claim that regular intake of pecans reduces the risk of heart diseases.

As approved and confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration, pecans can be heart-healthy foods that add more benefits to various meals and dishes. As recommended by the FDA, it is something like 30 pecan halves will make the 1.5 ounces a day of nuts.

Studies have shown that pecans are a consistent source of Vitamin E, a primary antioxidant (are those that restrain oxidative stress that can be harmful to the many diverse cellular functions of our body) that is used by every individual and protects our bodies when dangerous chemical reactions as result oxidation produced in the body. Pecans are totally rich in vitamin E, and its vitamin E content level is comparable to those in walnuts, almonds, and pistachios. The amounts of vitamin E found in pecans are higher in amounts than those in dry roasted peanuts cashews and macadamia nuts.

Pecans: All-Time Favorite

Praline pecans are great holiday gifts and great holiday desserts that are healthy to eat as they mainly contain polyunsaturated as well as monounsaturated fats that are otherwise known as “heart healthy fats.” Since pecans are full of protein and “good fat,” then pecans can be indulged as an all-time favorite snack of everyone, including those who wish to lose weight. The sugared praline pecans from Tanner’s Pecan and Candies are good snack foods also. They keep one’s stomach full even if one has taken a small amount only; and since pecan pralines do have high fat content, they tend to stay in one’s stomach that delays one’s stomach from getting hungry.

Enjoy the taste of pecan pralines and get satiated with significant quantity of pecan pralines from Tanner’s Pecan and Candies.

Did you know that there is some health value to Pecan Pralines too? There is a lot of sugar, but Pralines are a very healthy nut - full of protein and good fats that your body not only needs, but craves.

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