Are There Different Varieties of Pecans?

You may have found yourself asking, Are there different varieties of pecans?

Yes, there are at least 500 different varieties of pecans that are available for consumption. Each one can be distinguished by name and the size of the nut. They are also grown in different places in the United States, which is the largest producer of this kid of nut. Each one will vary in size and shape, but all of these are nuts, just the same. Some of these species are native, but some are improved species of the native type. Some of these species are cold hardy, and others are not. This is really dependent upon where in the US that they are grown.

What are the different types of pecans?

Here is a short list of different varieties of pecans. There is the Apache, Cheyenne, Cape Fear, Success, Choctaw, Kiowa, Pawnee, Mohawk, Western 54, Colby, Busseron, Major, Indiana, Jackson, Stuart, Desirable, Barton, Comanche, Wichita, Select, Posednik, and Western just to name a few of the many different types that are available. These names described are from different parts of the United States. Some of the southern names are reminiscent of Native American tribes. Overall these names just represent different species available in the United States. There are also species that are grown elsewhere in the world, but for this article, we will be discussing the varieties only grown in the United States.

What is the difference between these pecans?

The main difference in these pecans is that the different varieties vary in what size they produce and what the taste is like. These are the main differences in the species. Now be aware that some of these species are cold hardy and others are temperate. Bear in mind that some of these varieties can be grown in different areas of the same state, or the same region. Some of the names listed above are grown in different areas depending upon soil and climate. This can also produce small changes in nut size and color. Overall these nuts vary only by size and color.

What is the difference in cold hardy pecan species versus temperate species?

The main difference in these species of pecan is simply what the climate is where the trees are planted. Some of these trees are planted in cold temperatures up in the Northeast. The temperate species are planted in climates that are usually warm and dry. This is the main difference between the species, and this makes no assumption about quality as each nut tree develops the same nut, no matter what the species name is or where it is located. Now bear in mind that soil and temperature are the deciding factors in nut productions.

So the pecans are just different by name?

Yes, this is the main idea. The only difference in pecans usually is the size of the nut and the nut’s flavor. These trees produce nuts no matter what location or climate that they are in or where they are from.

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