All You Need to Know About Pecans

How can I find good pecans and where would I look?

Shopping for pecans is easy to do. These wonderful nuts can be found in grocery stores, either in the produce aisle or on the snack aisle. They can also be found on the internet through specific growers online such as Blue Diamond. They are also at your local farmers market in season. For these nuts to be good, check that the shells are not broken and the hull is an even brown color. Since these nuts do not need refrigeration, they stay good for an indefinite time both in shell and unshelled. They will also be firm, and the meat will be an even mocha color.

What can I make with pecans?

Pecans are a versatile nut with many different uses. They can be used in salads to give a crunchy texture and a nutty taste. They can also be used in baking, such as muffins, cakes and bread for starters. They have a wonderful variety of uses in cooking. They are also useful as garnishment on top of cakes or muffins. Salads love the crunchy goodness that these nuts provide. They can also be used in cereal as a topping. They also make a good ice cream topper for the kids.

Do pecans make good snacks?

Pecans make excellent snacks. They don’t have much sodium, unlike other snacks which have a lot of salt in the preparation. They are not sugary, like candy and ice cream are. They have no fillers, no food coloring, and they are all natural. They can be candied, spiced and roasted for a mouth watering treat. They are healthful snacks and have antioxidants that will help your body. By munching on these snacks, they will fill you up, so that you are not hungry.

Where do pecans grow?

Pecans grow on pecan trees. These trees are present in over half of the United States. They also grow well in other areas. These trees must have good watering and good soil in order to produce any amount of pecans. They also must be protected from infestation from insects in order to produce fruit. The soil is the main consideration as to where a tree of this type will be able to grow. There are some species that are cold hardy so geographic placement is not as much a concern as the soil is.

What are the health benefits of eating pecans?

Pecans have many different health benefits. They lower cholesterol, and are full of antioxidants that help with cell regeneration. It also lowers the risk for heart disease and helps with weight loss. They are loaded with 19 vitamins and minerals for a healthy addition to your diet. With all these health benefits, shouldn’t you be eating more of these nutrient rich nuts? With all the uses that are listed above, it is easy to introduce these nuts into your diet. There are so many different ways to enjoy these nuts as part of a balanced diet.

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