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Fat kids are in the news again. The British government is alarmed that the obesity rates show that up to 25% of five year olds are overweight and within 15 years this is going to reduce life expectancy by about 13 years.! Others laugh these figures to scorn and say that obesity has no significant effect on the mortality rates.

By discovering a nutritional health program for kids early on means they have the basis for a healthy lifestyle right into adulthood. If kids are involved in fun activities and learning fun facts about food, then this means they are on the right road in keeping to a nutritonal health program for the rest of their lives.

Just think - kids view over 20,000 food ads each year. They are brainwashed and bombarded with ads for all sorts of food and most of them are bad. As kids snack constantly - if it's healthy foods, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately the snack foods in most homes are loaded with trans fats and sugar, not good. Recent studies show that the food additives and colourings in these foods is a possible cause of hyperactivity in children.

The best way for kids to find out fun food facts is to let your them help around the kitchen. Kids like to cook and they like to eat what they cook. They are are much more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods than we think, and they will copy our attitudes so if we are boring in our choices of food, then they will copy us.

When parents are diffident about what they eat, kids beome very choosy. Parents need to exploit their kids' curiosity about food and the best way to do this is to be really enthusiastic about what yu are eating. Then they will more than likely want to try it. As a family we should always eat together- research shows that teenagers who were on a healthy nutritional program had always eaten with the family.

Kids want food from the kids menu because it just the same fare that they are getting at home -frozen fish fingers, chicken nuggets. Enthusiasm on the parents' part usually works wonders. Another trick is to NOT let them choose from the kids' menu but share a meal from the normal menu with you thereby involving them in the choice.

The University of Minnesota found that the situation as regards school lunches was not as hopeless as they feared. They found that there had been no drop off in sales when nutritional healthy dishes were served.This means more exepnse for the schools as they have to retrain cooking staff. Encouraged by these results, some of the schools in the State now serve a low-fat turkey hot dog instead of the traditional one.

Smoothie recipes are great for parents and kids love them too. This is one of the best way of disguising healthy ingredients like fruit and vegetables and getting the kids on to a nutritional healthy eating plan, without them realizing it.

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