How to Avoid Carbohydrate Trigger Foods

Many of us will go too long between meals and then we will reach for a quick fix that is loaded with carbohydrates. The problem with doing this is that it just spikes our blood sugar then causes it to fall dramatically. Foods with high sugar content like cookies, white bread, sodas and chips have virtually no nutritional value and only add empty calories to your daily intake which is just increasing your risk for gaining weight and getting diabetes.

It is relatively easy to avoid these cravings and urges if you will be disciplined and follow some simple guidelines.

I recommend that you break your meals up into four to six meals spread evenly throughout the day so that you are eating something every 2-3 hours. How you do this will depend upon you metabolism and your activity level. Doing this will stabilize your blood sugar levels, keep your metabolism operating at an optimum level, and reduce cravings.

Another thing you will need to do is some house cleaning. You need to go into your cupboard and your refrigerator and toss out all of the bad stuff like the chips and cookies and all white foods because they are refined. Try to stick with pure fruit juices and not those from the store with sugar added to them.

If you can only eat three regular meals make sure that you keep some kind of healthy snack with you like nuts, fresh veggies, and low fat protein drinks. This will keep you from popping coins in a snack machine and eating some garbage with the nutritional value of cardboard plus it will make you feel better and keep you energized all day.

Cut back on the caffeine and that includes not just coffee but diet drinks and tea as well. Also avoid the new fitness drinks like Red Bull, they all contain artificial stimulants that will just give you a quick rush that will soon drop plus they can be dangerous. You don’t have to quit cold turkey. If you are one of those that drinks four or five diet drinks a day or three to four cups of coffee just begin by cutting them in half.

The bottom line is that by eating healthier you will get the energy you seek through the better nutrition you are giving your body. It is not going to happen overnight it will take a little adjustment for you body to respond. If you want it to work better, I suggest going on a four to seven day fast of water and organic juices to cleanse your body and prepare it for the new lifestyle, especially if you have been eating really bad.

As always drink plenty of water to help your body flush out toxins and remain hydrated.

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