Traditional Mexican Cuisine

The traditional Mexican cuisine is a feast for locals and foreigners. We have for example, the classic mole that requires preparation for more than 25 ingredients, according to type and region to which it belongs, so the amount of ingredients may vary. A Mexican buffet is one of the options more appealing when organizing a casual celebration, where you can usually find chalupitas, sopes, empanadas, tacos, tostadas, with an infinite variation of ingredients such as ground beef, beef tongue, cheese, steak, chicken, pork, or fish.

When moving along to the main course, the list of choices would be as long as the size of the country itself, and so delicious that it would be difficult to choose between a piece of cabrito norteno, or a succulent piece of pibil pork from a Maya kitchen of the Yucatan and Quintana Roo, wrapped in banana leaf with vibrant color as the axiote gives beef and pork. It would also be difficult to choose between a broth Chilpachole of the Pacific coast and some tamale chipilín leaf or saint herb prepared in Chiapas. If you like seafood, what about a cocktail such back to life or the Fish Veracruz?

We have a rich heritage from our Aztec, Maya and Toltec ancestors in the form of dishes you might call? Exotic? Our traditional worms, ants, and Chapulín to your liking, fried with salt and lemon, accompanied by a molcajete sauce made from dried chilies or jalapenos. And how can we fail to mention the corn smut, Huitlacoche, a fungus of dark corn, rich in nutrients and flavor, of course.

An indispensable element at the table is the Tortilla. A Tortilla made from corn, for example, comes in a large variety, depending on the type and color of the corn (white, blue. Yellow, red), how are developed (by hand, using banana leaf to shape, with homemade tortillas or semi-industrial machine), or the form in which it is cooked: a Comal, in cazuela mud or wood charcoal, among others.

There are always options for vegetarians. Who can resist a few chilies stuffed with cheese and nopal, a soup of pumpkin flower or a mushroom quesadillas and nopal prepared in Cazuelitas mud? Or some beans from the pot, with some eggs drowned in Chipotle chili sauce? And what about that avocado stuffed with tuna?

Drinks; Horchata fresh water, as rice or coconut; jamaica flower fresh water; chia fresh water; tamarind; and watermelon. Don't forget our hard drinks such as Tequila, Mezcal, and Pulque. If you prefer hot drinks, you can enjoy a cup of chocolate or atole, and in the traditional winter festivities, hot fruit punch. Of course there is the wide variety of desserts that Mexico offers: shells, braids, Chilindrina, bienmesabes, ice cream, merengue, chocolate, candies, fruit in syrup and jams just to name a few.

The Mexican cuisine combines ancient traditions of indigenous ancestors with ingredients and recipes that brought the Spaniards at the time of conquest. The Culinary arts of Mexico is an invaluable treasure. Ancient cooking was recently nominated to be considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Reading and thinking about the Mexican dishes is a pleasure, but it is certainly more satisfying to enjoy the textures, colors, and flavors of Traditional Mexican Cuisine.

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