Mexican Christmas Food For Everyone

Celebrating the holidays is a popular and favorite time of the year for just about anyone. There are presents to buy, children to watch open those presents, and lots of dishes to prepare. Mexican Christmas food is a favorite cuisine not only for those using cultural reasoning. In fact, this cuisine is a favorite of more and more people around the world everyday.

When it comes to the traditional meal, you will find you enjoy the delicious flavors of the seasoning without a lot of the excess calories, fats, or sugars. Not saying all the Mexican Christmas food is healthy, but it is all delicious.

Finding recipes for your favorite dishes is not too difficult these days thanks to the internet, but you may be interested in knowing some of the traditional favorites of the glorious season. If you are already enjoying this cuisine, you will find that a lot of what you need for the seasonal meals are readily available.

Here are a few of the favorites when it comes to Mexican Christmas foods!

Bacalao a la vizcaina is an eclectic and colorful dish made of salted fresh cod, tomatoes, potatoes, olives, onions, red bell peppers, and capers. Take about colorful! The taste is a welcomed bonus of course. Simple to make and quite inexpensive, this is perfect for those that open their doors to neighbors and friends this holiday season.

Romeritos are simple but a very good example of Mexican Christmas food at its best. Made of potatoes and dried shrimp, this is simply delectable and offers you the chance to be yourself. Many people will mix a variety of yellow, green, and/or red bell peppers. Add your preferred seasoning for a wonderful traditional dish, or use this to season other dishes.

Rosca de Reyes is a favorite for children of any age. This sweet bread is sweetened with a variety of ingredients and topped with a sweet glaze. A favorite for just about anyone, and as is fitting with the holiday season, many families will bake figurines of the Christ child into this outstanding loaf.

Of course, no mention of Mexican Christmas food would be complete without adding the traditional piñata. Filled with candies and sweets, this is a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of the Christ child. Of course, this is not just for the youngsters….

Even hot chocolate takes on a whole new meaning with traditional chocolate caliente being on the table. Made of the best of chocolate from Mexico, this offers a unique taste that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Top with whipped cream and a peppermint stick candy cane for a perfect treat great for those cool nights.

Buneulos or sweet fritters are even a great breakfast snack!

When it comes to Mexican Christmas food, you will discover that the world is your oyster. There are so many options you will take a lifetime exploring the possibilities. Enjoy the foods and meals with family, friends, and neighbors. But the one thing you should always remember is the reason for the season.

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