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"Keeping Austin Weird" - a Proud Legacy
by Braz Vidonea. "Keep Austin Weird." The unofficial slogan of the city has different interpretations to different residents, but most would agree that not being "normal" is one of the things we cherish about Austin. Ironically, what began with a grass roots...
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Happy Hours In Austin
by Dane Smith. Austin is a great restaurant town, and one of the best ways to explore all the different possibilities is to take advantage of the many great happy hours. Some of the city's finest establishments offer drink specials, discounted appetizers, and a...
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Austin Originals: Primizie Osteria
by Dane Smith. Austin, Texas, is well known for its exceptional restaurants, catering to all tastes, budgets and timeframes. If you're looking for some specific culinary treat at any given time, odds are, you'll find it here. The reputation is well earned, and new...
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Fabulous Food in Branson Missouri
by Jorge Townsend. Each vacation has one basic ingredient: delicious food. While escaping from home signifies experiencing the sightseeing, outdoors, shopping, and delighting time as a family, it means getting away the routine of home-prepared meals. In Branson...
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How to Make Great Collard Greens
Few Americans have tried collard greens, that is of course, unless you live in the South. It's usually a time consuming project involving cooking the greens for many hours with a ham hock and/or bacon. The following recipe is a delicious and easy way...
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Dishes of the Canary Islands
by Sas_liz. The Canary Islands {word 1} has many nationalities at its roots but is particularly {word 2} by Spanish, Portuguese and North African dishes. The subtropical climate of the islands and the {word 3} warm weather all year create the ideal conditions in...
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Canary Island Local Dishes
by Lizzie. The Canary Islands {word 1} has many nationalities at its roots but is particularly {word 2} by Spanish, Portuguese and North African dishes. As the islands have a subtropical climate and {word 3} warm weather all year, the Canaries have ideal...
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The Canary Island foods and cuisine
by Lizzie. The Canary Islands {word 1} has many nationalities at its roots but is particularly {word 2} by Spanish, Portuguese and North African dishes. The subtropical climate of the islands and the {word 3} warm weather all year create the ideal conditions in...
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Cruise Eating Spectacular - Your Cruise Vacation Bonus!
by Martin Haworth. What you get to eat onboard is a spectacular bonus, often underplayed in the brochures or the day-dreaming before that vacation-of-a-lifetime starts.Yet it's all about cruise eating! All aboard for a spectacular ocean-bound foodies' extravaganza...
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Tasting Unique Cuisine
by Sarah Martin. Cruises around the world will give explorers the opportunity to experience some of most delicious cuisine imagined. If you have the palate it could be the experience of a lifetime.*Argentinean Beef*Brazilian Empanada*Scottish Haggis*Greek Frappe
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Bringing Safari Cuisine to the Desert
by Gillian Meier. A true Culinary Artist can only be proclaimed as an extraordinaire after being faced with an array of challenges and being able to overcome such challenges with style, grace and perfection. To be able to introduce unimpeachable delightful cuisine to...
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The Tradition Behind Traditional Jewish Food
by Amber Jonas. Over the years, traditional Jewish foods have found their way into contemporary American eating habits. Perhaps you've run to a deli or a grocery and ordered a quick lunch of corned beef on rye with a kosher dill on the side, or maybe you stopped for...
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Camp Fire Fajitas Make the Mouth Water
by William Doggett. I am an avid lover of camping under the stars. I guess it's the outdoors that seem to make the problems and stresses of the world fade away into a distant memory. To enhance this even more, I continuously research, experiment and upgrade my camp fire...
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by Brian Smith. TamalesPublished by: Quepasa Recipes1 lb boiled pork, shredded2 lbs corn dough1 lb white vegetable fat1 to 2 cups beef stock1 tsp baking powder15 to 20 Anaheim dried chilies10 garlic cloves1 lb pitted olivesBay leaves and oregano
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Australian Food and Beverage Industry enjoy Export Rewards
by James Marriot. Food and Beverages Industry is one of the two strong export drivers within the 9 manufacturing sectors in Australia. In 2006 Australia exported meat of $7.85 Billion, wine of around $2.7 Billion and dairy products worth $2.95 Billion. Most of the...
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Facts About Bahamas Food
by Mter9248. One of the adventures highly considered when visiting a new place is the native delicacy and food of the place. Its the most enjoyable and fulfilling escapade one can ever experience in a new place, tasting for the first time the savor of never...
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A Unique Cuisine Culture in Australia
by Rianne Deleon. Australia has among the most diversed cultures in the world. The good thing is, Australia has kept its cultural diversity preserved, while people live together in harmony. The same thing goes with their cuisine. Australian cuisine inherited its...
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New England Cuisine
by Glenn J Fournier. New England cuisine is a type of American cuisine found in the northeastern region of the United States. There are six states that make up this area known as New England. They are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and...
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Fort Collins- Food in Abundance
by Lesfex Zango. One really great choice you can make for a holiday is to visit Fort Collins. It was after all, voted the ‘Best Place to Live’ in 2006 by Money magazine. So migration is out of question, but a small trip is not, is it? And you absolutely don’t...
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Safiha -(Arabic food)
by Hani Masgidi. General Info: (Meat Pies) These meat pies originate in: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.Sufficient for:30 piesIngredients:1/2 quantity of Khoubiz dough recipe*1 tablespoon vegetable oil1 # pound of fresh, coarsely ground lam
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