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This is one of my family all time favourite top secret recipes.
You are in for a treat. We name the recipe Frittlers (Italian Pasties)


7g yeast,
1 cup lukewarm water – if need more add extra but don’t make it soggy,
3 cups plain flour,
pinch of salt,
cheese, not mozzarella cheese but either shredded tasty cheese or shredded plain cheese,
tuna (chunk tuna) instead of ham

Put flour in bowl make a hole in the centre then add water and yeast mix together with pinch of salt. Work the dough don’t make it real dry. Then put in plastic bag, close bag up. Then put in a warm spot such as under blankets somewhere warm for about 1hour to 1.5 hours for it to rise to double its size.

While it’s rising get ham and cheese, not mozzarella cheese but either shredded tasty cheese or shredded plain cheese. Cut up ham add cheese then mix together.

Roll out dough to pastie round sizes do one at a time, add ham, cheese and sprinkle of pepper no salt then roll up pastie. When rolled up with filling at the ends with a fork press it and go around the edges. Then prick it lightly with fork twice around the middle.

Continue doing that until finished. Once done put 2 at a time in a frying pan with canola oil so oil covers the whole lot make sure oil is hot. (just be careful because of heat) Cook to nice gold colour about 4-5 minutes then turn over and do other side. Take them out and put on paper towel to get rid of some of the oil. Can eat them basically straight away or you might wait to they cool down that is up to you.

There is no problems with freezing them they still taste fantastic.
If you want to add tomatoes you can but have it within 24 hours but don’t freeze any with tomatoes, what I do is if take them out the freezer when they thaw out I cut in half and add tomato and put in oven or griller.
Can also have chunk tuna instead of ham with the cheese. Tuna and cheese is also okay to freeze.
Also if you like you can add chopped up onion or anything that you enjoy.

This family secret recipe is one your family and friends will really appreciate, bon appetite!

Secret Recipes

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