Traditional Soup Recipes

HARE SOUP - Take a hare and cut in pieces, put into an earthen jar, with two onions cut small, three blades of mace, a pinch of salt, two anchovies, or three-quarters of a red herring, three quarts of water, and wine to flavour, perhaps a pint of red wine. Bake in a quick oven for three hours, then strain the liquor into a stewpan. Have ready boiled four ounces of fine pearl barley, add this, scald the liver, and rub it through a sieve with a wooden spoon, put this into the soup, set over the fire, and keep it stirring till near boiling but it must not boil then remove. Put some toasted bread into the tureen, pour the soup on, and serve hot.

CLAM SOUP - One dozen clams simmered in their own juice for fifteen minutes ; press out all the juice and reject the clams ; add the juice to a sauce made as follows : into a pint and a half boiling milk stir a dessertspoonful each of flour and butter well blended together ; stir until it is smooth, add the clam juice, stir well again, remove to a cooler part of the range, and when ready to serve stir in the beaten yolk of an egg that has been mixed with a quarter cup of the soup. The egg will curdle if allowed to boil. No salt is needed with clams, but a little pepper, dash of cayenne and a little mace may be added if liked.

TURTLE-BEAN SOUP - Soak a teacup and a half of beans in a little water over night. To boil, add two quarts more. When soft, strain through a sieve ; add stock, or water in which roast-beef bones have been boiled ; also an onion, turnip, carrot, salt, sweet marjoram, thyme, and four cloves. Boil an hour longer. If too thick, add water. Take out the vegetables before serving. It can be made without stock, but needs more seasoning.

SPANISH SOUP -Two large onions, one dozen small chili peppers, one can of tomatoes, one large turnip, one can corn, 2 carrots; chop all vegetables fine; put in one quart of water, boil until almost done, add tomatoes and corn and boil five minutes longer, then add 1 tablespoon of beef extract, stir until it dissolves, add 1 teaspoonful Worcestershire sauce and tablespoon catsup ; salt to taste.

OYSTER SOUP - Strain the liquor from one quart of oysters, and set it on the fire. If there is not a great deal of the liquor, add a pint of water. Skim when it boils up, and add a saucer of chopped celery. Boil for a few minutes, then pour in a quart of rich milk. When it again boils up, stir in two spoonfuls of butter rubbed in one of flour. Then add the oysters (cut in small pieces, or not, as you choose), and salt and pepper to your taste. Let the soup boil but one or two minutes after the oysters are added, then take up in a hot tureen. Toast two slices of bread, or a few crackers. Cut the toasted bread into little square pieces, and put [into t the soup just before sending to the table.

JULIENNE SOUP - Slice two onions, and fry brown in half a spoonful of butter, in a soup-kettle, then put in three quarts of good stock ; chop small two turnips and two carrots. When these have boiled an hour, add a stalk of celery cut small, a blade of mace, salt and pepper, and a pint each of green peas and string beans. Boil two hours more. Then rub a spoonful of butter with a spoonful of flour, and stir in. The peas should be fresh gathered, and the beans should not be so old as to have a string. In case you have not beef-stock, the water in which chickens or any kind of fresh meat has been boiled will be a good substitute.

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