Campbell Soup Company company profile

The research report "Campbell Soup Company company profile" ( provides the Addressing all the key issues that confront the company, this Campbell Soup company profile analyses new product development and R&D, financial and market information, company structure and product range, as well as offering a summary of the company's strategy and our view of its future prospects.

The Campbell Soup company profile is structured as follows:

Company Dossier
A series of 'grab pages' summarising the main chapters of the profile. Ideal for busy executives who just need the key facts now!

Worldwide Locations
Details the company structure from head office down. With tables listing key locations worldwide, plus available details on employee numbers.

Financial Analysis
A review of the financial strategy of the company as recorded in public statements and reports, followed by an analysis of the accounts for the last five years. It includes commentary offering our opinion on how the company has performed.

Competitor Analysis
Review of how the company is performing against its key competitors.

Key Events
A quick history lesson: detailing the major events that have affected the company, running right up to recent news.

SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis provides a snapshot 'barometer' for the company, detailing its key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Provides commentary and pie charts detailing % share of sales by region for the company.

Products and Product Development
Provides commentary and pie charts detailing % share of sales by product group for the company.

A summary of predictions for the company's short-term future outlook.

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