Why Seafood Is Great for Guests

I was having company for dinner that night, 12 people, and I could feel the stress because I hadn't figured out what to make yet.

This was to be a special dinner to entertain and impress my husband's business partners. If everything wasn't perfect, he could miss out on this great opportunity and then we wouldn't be able to afford a new home.

I already had mentally mapped out all of the rooms, and what I planned on using them for. I frantically searched the cookbook for ideas, and what I thought would make a classy presentation. Most of the things that I saw just struck of cheap and ordinary, and I was getting worried.

If I had served something humble and homey like roast beef or meatloaf to these guests, we would be stuck in a rut living a life of poverty. As I flipped through a few more pages of the book, I had a revelation. I needed to concentrate on the seafood recipes because seafood is always elegant and the perfect meal to serve.

There was a local fish market not that far, and it had just about anything a girl could dream of. Since I couldn't just order 'take-out', and had to make something amazing, seafood would be the way to go on this one! I stared at pages and pages of great choices.

There were all the fish based seafood recipes. I could use cod, or Chilean sea bass. Red snapper and haddock, and all things tripe were other choices. I felt like I could have been on Top Chef.

It goes without saying that I could have made something based with lobster. However, the crab based dishes really grabbed my attention. I could create something that would pop, and that could mimic the experience of eating at a fancy restaurant, or allude to the idea that this gig was catered. I am really pleased that I opted for a seafood recipe!

The party went smoothly and turned out to be one of the best affairs I'd ever hosted. Without the incredible food, I'don't think we would have closed the deal. My husband was thrilled becasue his salary increased. I'll forever be grateful that I decided to go with seafood . I really think it made all the difference.

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