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There is nothing quite so exquisite as fresh shellfish or fish, piping hot and prepared excellently. Whether you are trying out a grilled lobster recipe or a baked tilapia recipe, you need to remember to cook for safety as well as for flavor. There are frequent warnings about food contamination so it can sometimes be difficult to relax and enjoy your fish dinner. As long as you are well informed, you will find that fish safety is easier that you thought. A little knowledge about fish and seafood safety means you can continue enjoying your baked fish recipes to your heart's content.

When you buy fish at the farmer's market or supermarket, examine the fish well. Fresh shellfish and fish do not smell. If the fish smells oily or fishy, choose a different one. The eyes on a fresh fish are clear and protrude a bit. Staler fish have sunken or cloudy eyes. The skin around the eyes should not be yellow or brown. The fish's flesh must be firm and shiny and the gills should not have discharge in them. If you have any doubts about a fish, do not buy it.

When you are shopping, make sure the fish counter is the last place you visit. The less time your fish has to spend at room temperature, the better. You can ask the cashier to double-bag the fish and package it away from other foods. This ensures the juices of the fish do not spill out and contaminate other food items.

When you are preparing your fish recipes at home, you need to keep the fish cutting board and fish knives away from the vegetables unless you have washed them in hot, soapy water. Some people use different cutting boards and knifes for vegetables, fish and meats, to avoid any contamination.

Never place cooked food on an unwashed plate where raw meat, fish, or poultry has been. The bacteria might contaminate the cooked food. A food thermometer can tell you with total accuracy whether food is safe to eat. You cannot do this with sight alone.

Raw seafood is popular, in some places more than others are. Do you enjoy raw oysters in the half shell or Japanese sushi or sashimi? There is always an inherent risk with raw seafood, no matter how professional the presentation appears. People with liver disorders or weakened immune systems or pregnant woman have a higher risk for these problems. Be aware of the facts and choose wisely.

There is no reason at all not to enjoy your baked fish recipes, grilled fish recipes, tilapia recipes or whatever kind of fish recipes you fancy trying out. Just remember the tips and precautions and your fish recipe meal should turn out great!

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