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Seafood consists of essential oils which are important part of your diet. Seafood offers appetizing meals and at the same time provides us numerous health benefits. It decreases the risk of heart attacks and other diseases of heart. Eating seafood diet can reduce the blood pressure and lesson your risk of suffering a stroke. It contains very less fat and high protein.

You can purchase seafood either frozen or fresh. Frozen seafood can be shipped across the world so everyone can have opportunity to enjoy the fresh seafood that they may not otherwise be able to enjoy the food. Some fish consist of omega-3 which helps to prevent certain diseases and help in the aid of curative some illness. Seafood should not be kept below 39 degrees at it may not be safe to eat. While purchasing seafood, check it thoroughly to make sure it is fresh. You should not accept the fish with pink gills, they should always be red.

There are lots of benefits of eating seafood diet such as mussels and scallops that add zinc and iron to your body. It is most beneficial in case of breast cancer; women who eat more seafood have lower inclination of constricting breast cancer. Indonesia is highly popular for its amazing seafood, fish and shrimp. There are lots of food sectors, restaurants and hotels who are exporting Indonesian seafood because of its high demand from the customer. Indonesia’s products regularly go to the world market due to their varied quality. Indonesia seafood is rapidly gaining foothold throughout the world markets because of quality and competitive price. Apart from these, Indonesia seafood is popular for its rich taste and deliciousness. Indonesia currently catches about 3.7 million tones of Indonesia fish annually and is ranked sixth biggest fish producing nation according to FAO.

Indonesia is rich in seafood, fish and shrimp. Big cities with superior restaurants and hotels have tanks with an imaginable variety of aquatic creatures. There are various suppliers that offer fine quality Indonesia seafood, Indonesia fish and Indonesia shrimp.

Siam Canadian is the highly popular industry leaders in sourcing and delivering Indonesia seafood, Indonesia fish and Indonesia shrimp. They have more than 18 years experience in the seafood industry. They offer unparalleled level of excellence in products and services to their customers.

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