How to Find Exotic Seafood Restaurants

The craving for seafood could be understood only by someone who has tasted it. It’s damn irresistible and this irresistible craving can only be lessened by having some of the luscious seafood dishes like grilled salmon, barbequed crabs, crispy catfish, steamed lobster tails and so on. I’m sure many of you will be smacking your lips by this time.

There are very many restaurants in and around United States offering exotic and scrumptious seafood in a lot many flavors, which you might never have had before. For instance, try the Deep Fried Squid in Pepper Salt or the Shrimps in Lobster Sauce served in Los Angeles restaurants or the Shrimp and Grits with bacon, scallions, and garlic served in New York restaurants. But there are many restaurants which serve bland and insalubrious dishes which are passed off as exotic seafood. You must be wary of such restaurants. But how, that’s the question. Well, it’s possible if you do the following.

1. Decide on the kind of cuisine
Deciding the cuisine is the most important thing. For instance, compared to American or French cuisine, food is spicier in Indian cuisine. So select a cuisine that complements your taste buds.
2. Search for the restaurants
Compared to review sites and blogs, restaurant guides are the best in guiding you to the right restaurant. That’s because the score card that they generate is based on the information from over a million online restaurant reviews.
3. Pick the right one
Just go through their excellent restaurant recommendations and reviews to find the perfect restaurant.
4. Listen to the maître d'
Sometimes you might have never heard about the dishes listed on the menu. Don’t make any wrong decision and spoil your dinner; just ask for suggestions from the waiter or the chef.
5. Enjoy the food
Now don’t gorge but relish the food served. When you eat slowly it will taste even better.

So don’t sit there and smack your lips; just go for it.

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