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When my friend visits Maine, he always comes home with a few extra treasures. His treasures are, of course, live Maine lobsters; but they aren't live very long.

Maine is known for some of the best lobsters in the country. These delights are sure to become a culinary favorite, once you have sampled your first ones. They are simply delicious and succulent to the taste buds.

When traveling in Maine, you cannot leave the state without seeing dozens of signs advertising lobsters for sale-you can even buy live lobsters.

The quality of the lobsters depends on the freshness. If you aren't lucky enough to be in Maine, you can have this same fresh quality delivered straight to your door. There are many companies that will send your lobster favorites overnight, for your enjoyment.

When these lobsters are sent out to you, they are shipped very carefully and packaged in an insulated box with an ice pack to retain the freshness. This keeps your lobster cold and provides a constant supply of ocean water needed to ensure the freshness.

All live lobsters are caught fresh off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire. The boats go our nearly every day to catch the finest seafood they can. The lobsters you order online are actually caught the day before they are sent to you.

All live lobsters are caught fresh off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire. Lobster boats go out nearly every day to provide you with the freshest seafood possible. Most of the lobsters are caught the day before they arrive at your door.

You can enjoy some sweet, delicious seafood without going to Maine. Enjoy eating something that is nutritious and good for your health. Buy some live Maine lobsters and eat hearty!

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