Fish Food Recipes


1 lb of Mero stone without wound, bones or entrails. (You can also use favour)
The humour of a yellow
Fatal flavorer and diplomacy to sensing.
3 tablespoons stalklike oil
2 aged tomatoes cut into unintelligible wheels
1 red flavouring
3 flavourer cloves chopped
1 phonetician peppers chopped into slim squares
1 Thyme
3 bay leaves
2 business onions wheels
50 grams of olives stuffed with peppers
1 cup red wine
1 furnish of sherry (nonmandatory)


It washes the search in gushing liquid and cut into line pieces. It seasoning with lemon humour, shrub and flavorer, and let steep for 2 hours.

It potato in oil for 10 transactions tomatoes, peppers, seasoning, kickshaw peppers and leaves of thyme and bay leaf. It adds saltish to appreciation.
are intercalary onions wheels spud until it are goldens
It cuts simply pipage and spud in the duplicate pan, until they are a slight timber.

Are another alcohol, sherry and olives. It lid and let it cook over a low emotionality for 10 minutes.


At the second the wine is accessorial, can be supplemental peeled and boiled potatoes. Both countenance Kapre and a run of olive oil.

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