Steps To Making A Salad Nicoise

The Salad Nicoise is more commonly called a Nicoise Salad and is pronounced "Ni-suaz". This particular salad originally comes from a region in the South of France called Nice and involves a number of different raw ingredients the details of which will provided for you later on in this article. Most authentic Salad Nicoise's use only raw ingredients there are some restaurants who make this salad and will include rice, pasta, potatoes, cheese and cooked vegetables in theirs.

But the real beauty of this salad is that not only is relatively easy to prepare and make but the way in which the ingredients are presented. Not only does it contain lots of color and texture but it is full of flavors which combine well together. Below we list the ingredients as well as provide step by step instructions so that you can have a go at making this particular salad for yourself.

So that you can make this salad for four people you will need to get the following ingredients together:- 1. 10 ripe and large tomatoes 2. A clove of garlic 3. A large cucumber 4. A green and red pepper 5. 6 spring (green) onions 6. Anchovy Fillets (12) which have been kept in olive oil 7. 1/2 Cup (4.5 ounces) of black olives 8. 4 eggs which need to be hard boiled 9. 1/3 cup (3 fluid ounces) of extra virgin olive oil 10. 1 tbspn (15ml) of red wine vinegar 11. Juice from a lemon (These last three ingredients will be used to make the dressing for the salad) 12. Salad Leaves (a number of different varieties such as cos, arugula or rocket are ideal) as well as a good handful of fresh basil. After getting all the ingredients together you now need to start preparing and making your salad. Follow our step by step guide to try making this great tasting salad for yourself.

Step 1 - You should take the tomatoes and cut them into six pieces each and then put this on a dish before sprinkling with a little salt. Doing this will help to remove some of the excess juices in the tomatoes which could cause the salad to become soggy and limp. Whilst you are preparing the tomatoes it is good idea to also get the eggs ready. In order to get good hard boiled eggs you should aim to leave them in the boiling water for around 5 minutes.

Step 2 - You need to take the cucumber and cut it along the length and then scoop out as many of the seeds as you can with a spoon. Now you next need to cut the cucumber, which has not been peeled into slices, but you should not make them to thin. After slicing up the cucumber, you next need to then finely slice both the peppers along with the spring onions.

Step 3 - Take the garlic clove remove the outer layer and then cut this in half and rub them around the inside of your salad bowl. If you are able to use a wooden bowl for placing the salad in.

Step 4 - Once you have rubbed the bowl with the garlic clove now you can start to take the ingredients and place them into it. First off get the salad leaves (which you will have washed and removed any excess water from) and lay these in the bottom of the bowl(s). Next on top of the leaves you lay the tomatoes followed by the eggs which have been cut into quarters. After the eggs you now need to lay on the slices of cucumber, spring onions and peppers and then on top of these you lay the anchovy fillets before you scatter over the olives.

Step 5 - The final thing you need to do before you can serve the Salad Nicoise to family or guests is make the dressing. In order to do this you take the lemon juice, olive oil and red wine vinegar and place in a bowl or jar before adding a small amount of freshly ground black pepper and salt to season. Once all the ingredients are together mix until well combined and then very slowly drizzle it over the salad. Finally take the fresh basil leaves and tear them up into pieces and sprinkle over the top of the salad. It really is that simple to make a great tasting Nicoise Salad.

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