Salad Ingredients - Selecting The Right Ones

In order for you to make the perfect salad you need to know something about the kinds of ingredients that you can use. A large number of salads will be made using a combination of different ingredients that not only complement one and other but provide different tastes and textures as well. Below we take a look at the various different types of salad ingredients that are used the world over to make a very simple and basic but very nutritious salad.

1. Lettuce & Green Leaved Plants - Often the most common variety of lettuce that people use to make a salad quickly is the iceberg variety. But there are plenty of others you may want to try which will add a completely different taste and texture to your salad. For instance why not try a butterhead lettuce which is very tender tasting one or the cos lettuce whose leaves are much coarser in texture.

If however, you are completely fed up of using lettuce in your salads why not try something completely different instead. You could try something like Arugula, which originates from Italy and has a tangy, but mildly peppery taste. Alternatively, for something a little more exotic and to provide a more eastern feel to the salad include some Bok Choy, which has a slightly bitter taste to it.

2.Fruit & Vegetables - Instead of sticking with the more traditional fruits and vegetables in your salads why not try to be a little more adventurous. Apples are certainly ideal and can easily combine with a number of different other salad ingredients also. If you are looking to make a more unusual salad which incorporates the Bok Choy we mentioned above previously why not mix this up with some bean sprouts, cucumber and spring onions and then drizzle with a light coating of sesame seed oil which you have mixed with some soy sauce.

As well as replacing your usual salad ingredients with more unusual and exotic ones such as brocolli, carrots, beans and Bok Choy you should also include a few herbs into the recipe as well. Adding the likes of rosemary, garlic, cilantro or basil will further enhance the flavors of the ingredients you are already using.

3.Meat and Fish - Although most people commonly think that a good salad should solely consist of just vegetables this is not the case. In fact, some of the world's best-known salads such as Caesar's have chicken, meat or fish in them. But it is best that you do not go over board on the amount of meat or fish you include.

However, you may want to include cheese rather than meat or fish into your salad. Plus a great way of adding some additional texture or crunch to the salad you are making is through adding croutons or nuts to it. If you choose to use nuts in your salad then go for the likes of walnuts, almonds or peanuts in it and preferably avoid those that have been ready prepared (such as pickled walnuts) or which are coated in salt.

But when it comes to you finding the right kinds of salad ingredients for your salad recipes it is important that you use the freshest ones possible. When shopping for your ingredients avoid those which are marked or bruised or those where the leaves have begun to wilt. Also before you begin preparing the salad make sure that each ingredient has been thoroughly washed to remove any unwanted toxins or chemicals from them. Even salad ingredients which have been packaged and are ready to use should be washed.

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