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Yes I agree the most consumed food in US is the salad (not to forget its less calories, high fiber, nutrition's etc. etc..). This once forsaken food has now found a permanent break on your dining table as well as on your taste buds. Ok let's not dwell in the history but face the present. Salad is not just any mixture of leafy vegetables (as it looks probably) but needs proper garnishing and serving with of course the right mix of ingredients.

It all starts with selecting the recipe, gathering the ingredients and putting them into the salad spinner. You heard it right. The salad spinner is an important accessory if you are a salad connoisseur. The salad spinner helps you to dry foods for your salad and I would suggest one which comes with separate chambers for drying multiple foods at once (and even without mixing them). The salad spinner of course should be sturdyfor heavy use and large enough to dry salad for the entire family. Hygiene is another important factor while choosing salad spinner. It should be easy to clean (I mean really easy, some of them are not and are really taxing) just need a bit wipe around. When you tug it around confirm it's with a secure ring at its base so that the spinner won?t slip away to the floor.

The next choice for the connoisseur is the precise salad bowl. You are not only what you eat but how you serve it. A right salad bowl (I will suggest a hand crafted one) is the perfect partner for a well garnished salad. The developed aesthetic sense by choosing an excellent salad bowl can lead you to great salad ideas. Call this side-effects but an arresting salad bowl can increase your appetite (of course it increases the visual appeal of the food). But that's not all for a salad bowl. Choose the one which can hold a good quantity for the entire family, easy to clean and is durable. Many handcrafted bowls need to be cleansed with mineral oil on regular intervals to keep the shine and grains. Moreover the handcrafted bowls are durable (I still use one from my mother) and can serve you for time to come. Think of it, gifting a handmade salad bowl made from cherry wood (or pick one of your choice) can be a novel idea. One peculiar problem (which many of us may encounter) with the wooden salad bowl is the slight odor which is noticed when it is new. But it wears off in time, saving you from making any extra efforts to get rid of it.

That's all about he salad spinners and bowls. I hope you have a perfect one or would soon reach the desired one for your kitchen. In any case have a healthy salad in a beautiful bowl.

Bye for now.

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