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A Nicoise (pronounced Ni-Suaz) Salad originally comes for the Nice region of France and sometimes is more often referred to as the Salad Nicoise. Although a truly authentic version of this salad contains mainly raw ingredients (except for the eggs and anchovy fillets), there are some restaurants now who like to include other ingredients into their recipes. Some restaurants are now beginning to add pasta or potatoes or cheese, rice or cooked vegetables into theirs.

What is really great about this salad recipe over some of the others you see is just how simple and easy it is to prepare and just how great it looks once all the ingredients have been combined together. The Nicoise Salad is full of flavor, color and texture that you do not always see in a salad and this is simply because of the variety of ingredients that are used to make it. Below we provide you with a list of the ingredients you will need to make this great tasting salad. Plus we also provide step by step instructions on how to prepare it.

In order to make this salad you need to get together the following ingredients which are sufficient to make enough for 4 people to enjoy. 1. Ten large ripe tomatoes 2. One clove of garlic 3. One large cucumber 4. One each of the following:- Green and Red Peppers 5. Six spring onions 6. Twelve anchovy fillets which come in a tin of olive oil 7. 125 grams black olives 8. Four eggs that need to be cooked by being boiled 9. 90 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil 10. One tablespoon of red wine vinegar 11. The juice of one lemon. The above three ingredients will be used to make the dressing for the salad. 12. A number of different salad leaves along with a good handful of fresh basil. Once you have the ingredients you can now get on with making the salad using the steps we provide below.

Step 1 - First get the ten tomatoes and cut these each into six pieces. Place on a dish and sprinkle with a little salt and allow them to stand for about 30 minutes in order that the juice in them can drain out. As you start to prepare the tomatoes you can put the eggs onto boil. In order to produce really good hard boiled eggs it is best if you allow them to stay in the water for around 5 minutes.

Step 2 - You need to now take the cucumber and cut it in half down its complete length. After cutting in half take a spoon and scoop out as many of the seeds inside. Once you have removed as many of the seeds you need to then slice each half of the cucumber which has not been peeled up. Make sure that each slice you cut is not to thin or thick. After you have finished preparing the cucumber you can now slice up the peppers and the spring onions. It is best if you can slice these two ingredients for the salad as thinly as possible.

Step 3 - Take the garlic clove remove the outer layer and then cut this in half and rub them around the inside of your salad bowl. If you are able to use a wooden bowl for placing the salad in.

Step 4 - Now you have prepared the bowl for serving the salad in you can start to place the ingredients into it. Firstly get the salad leaves which you have chosen (and which have been washed thoroughly) and lay these in the base of the bowl or bowls. Now on top of these you layer the tomatoes which have been previously cut in to sixths and allowed to drain. Then on top of these you place the hard boiled eggs which need to be cut into quarters. After the eggs you then add the sliced peppers, spring onions and cucumber before finally laying on top the anchovy fillets. Then finally you scatter the olives over the top.

Step 5 - The final thing you need to do before you can serve the Salad Nicoise to family or guests is make the dressing. In order to do this you take the lemon juice, olive oil and red wine vinegar and place in a bowl or jar before adding a small amount of freshly ground black pepper and salt to season. Once all the ingredients are together mix until well combined and then very slowly drizzle it over the salad. Finally take the fresh basil leaves and tear them up into pieces and sprinkle over the top of the salad. It really is that simple to make a great tasting Nicoise Salad.

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