How To Prepare Honey Mustard Dressing Recipe

The culinary and medicinal properties of mustard have enamored the mankind since prehistoric times. Mustards today are being used in various dishes and recipes all across the globe. Droves of food lovers, vegetarians as well as non vegetarians, are crazy about the food cooked using mustard. There are various varieties of mustards such as white mustard, Creole mustard, black mustard etc and all these are being extensively used throughout the world. Mustards had fascinated great personalities such as Pope John XXII and Queen Victoria. Pope John XXII was the first in the history of Vatican to create a post of mustard maker. He appointed his nephew as the first mustard maker. Even Queen Victoria had Jeremiah Colman as her mustard maker.

Honey mustard is one of the varieties of mustard and today has become very popular in the preparation of different kinds of foodstuffs. Honey mustard dressing recipe makes the food not only tasty but makes it healthy also. Making honey mustard is not complex. Add honey and vinegar to the mustard along with spices and herbs of different varieties and the honey mustard is ready. Honey mustard dressing recipe is widely used with sandwiches, onion rings, French fries etc. Along with olive oil and vinegar, it can also be used for salad dressing.

Honey mustard dressing recipes are easy to prepare. The ingredients used are commonly available and the steps to follow are few in number and very simple. One requires half a cup of honey and a quarter cup of reduced fat mayonnaise. Dijon mustard and stone-ground mustard, each two tablespoon is a must. A single container of light sour cream is added to all this and finally one should not forget to add two tablespoon of lemon juice. After mixing all these items properly in a bowl it should be refrigerated at least for three days. One should not forget to cover it properly otherwise the flavor will get lost and can also get spoiled. Once it is ready, it will taste great and will enhance the flavour of the foodstuff.

Honey mustard dressing recipes are used with non-vegetarians as well as vegetarian foodstuff. It needs to be kept in mind that whatever foodstuffs we want to prepare using honey mustard whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the procedure as described above remains the same. Today honey mustards are used as a base for salads, it is used to dip finger chips, and it is put on sandwiches and is also used with chickens and hot dogs. For example in the preparation of chicken along with the honey mustard the honey mustard paste is put on the chicken.

The ingredients remain the same for the preparation of honey mustard. One can drop one or two items as per his or her own taste. The chicken along with the honey mustard paste is broiled for about sometimes and then the dish is ready for use. These kinds of foodstuffs not only taste better but also have rich nutrient contents such as protein, carbohydrates, sodium and fat. Honey mustard dressing recipes are indeed great and have madding eating a pleasant experience.

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