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Pork And Rice Salad
by Donna Monday. Pork, that other white meat, is the star of this unique salad. This is a great way to use up that leftover pork in your refrigerator. This is also a heavier salad that includes rice, cabbage, peas, sour cream and mayonnaise. It can be a meal all by...
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Sweet And Sour Salad
by Donna Monday. Sweet and sour lovers will rejoice when their taste buds hit this salad. A light, tangy flavor coats broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, walnuts and ramen noodles. This may be the first time you’ve used ramen noodles in a salad, but try it and experience...
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Penne Pasta Salad
by Donna Monday. Hearty penne pasta mixed with cherry tomatoes, peppers and onions, olives, Italian dressing and seasonings. A great side dish for chicken, beef, pork and fish.1 (16 oz.) package penne pasta1 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered1/2 cup green pepper,...
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Strawberry Spinach Salad
by Donna Monday. This strawberry spinach salad is not only beautiful to look at, but very good for you too! Simple, yet elegant, this salad features dark fresh spinach leaves, sliced fresh strawberries, fresh mushrooms, and a fruity vinaigrette.1 (10 oz.) package...
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Curried Shrimp Salad
by Donna Monday. If you enjoy the exotic taste of curry, then here’s a salad recipe that incorporates the delicious flavors of fresh shrimp and curry powder, plus, the crunchy surprise of almonds and water chestnuts.1 pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined1 (8 oz....
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Cherry Tomato Corn Salad
by Donna Monday. For a colorful alternative to tomatoes and lettuce, you can make this corn and tomato salad with its refreshing mixture of olive oil, cucumbers and lime juice. This cherry tomato corn salad makes a great impression on any table, and is a snap to make...
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Easy Four Fruit Salad
by Donna Monday. Here’s a healthy and delicious fruit salad that doesn’t take long to make. In fact, all you need is four kinds of fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, green grapes and bananas) and some orange juice. How easy it that? 2 cups fresh strawberries,...
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Raisin Broccoli Salad
by Donna Monday. What a great way to get someone you love to eat their broccoli! This salad has eye-popping color - green broccoli, orange carrots, white onions, and lots of texture and flavor with the sweet raisins and crunchy walnuts. 4 cups broccoli florets1 cup...
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Pecan Mandarin Salad
by Donna Monday. Bring a little taste of Asia to your salad bowl with this elegant pecan mandarin orange salad. Romaine lettuce gives it a healthy green color, mandarin orange slices adds a fruity flavor, cucumbers and pecans give it a healthy crunch, and red wine...
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Theme Recipes For Valentines Day - Salad/main/dessert
by Noraini Maskuri. Here's an idea for a special Valentine's Day meal that you can prepare at home for that special someone. This is the first of 4-part series of ideas. This combo uses lobster as salad, chicken for main dish, chocolate mousse for dessert, and a special...
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Crab Salad Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. Unrivaled in sweetness by any other of its lot, the crab is has shown its versatility as an ingredient. It ads an interesting twist to any dish served with a shred or two of this amazing seafood.As a part of salad, the Crab gives an interesting...
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Easy And Refreshing Fruit Salad Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. Fruit salad is probably one of the easiest and tastiest things in the world to make. Any seven-year old can whip up their salad in no time at all. In fact, for a real bonding time with your kids, you can involve them in the kitchen and have fun...
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Shrimp Salad Recipes To Tickle The Palate
by Low Jeremy -. It is always fascinating to combine shrimp with salad. The toughness of the meat contrasts with the crispiness of the greens that makes for a really appetizing starter. Below you will find some of the most fascinating shrimp salad recipes that I've...
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Tasty And Healthy Spinach Salad Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. Think spinach and the cartoon Popeye comes to mind. It is not so much of a mystery why the creators have decided to create this character. It is the only way to convince kids to eat their spinach. High in iron and vitamins, the spinach has a slightly...
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Imitation Crab Recipe: Imitation Crab Salad Recipe With Pasta
by Donna Monday. Here is an imitation crab recipe that’s fast and easy to make for a quick lunch, picnic, or potluck. If you want, you can substitute the peas for broccoli, either way, it’s a delicious healthy crab salad recipe to eat as a one-dish meal or side...
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Ensalada Capresse Food Recipe
by Tmoxcs. INGREDIENTS: * 6 red tomatoes * 6 buffalo mozzarella balls * Fresh basil leaves * Olive oil * 2 anchovy fillets * 2 teaspoons crushed walnuts * Salt and black pepper to taste PREPARATION: Cut tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on wh
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Mozzarella Salad Recipe
by Tmoxcs. 6 Servings 3 lg ripe tomatoes cut into 1/2" thick rounds 1/2 lb Italian mozzarella cheese cut into 1/4" thick rounds 1 bn basil 2 T red wine vinegar 6 T olive oil 1/4 t kosher salt black pepper,Freshly Ground Reserve 6 to 8 small basil le
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Salad Food Recipe
by Tmoxcs. INGREDIENTS: * 6 red tomatoes * 6 metropolis mozzarella balls * Unsalty theologiser leaves * Olive oil * 2 anchovy fillets * 2 teaspoons low walnuts * Flavorer and chemist flavouring to sensation Cerebration: Cut tomatoes and mo
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Salad Recipes And Salad Types
by Gwydion. A salad is one of those dishes that no-one is entirely certain what it is. In common parlance, it tends to be a mix of raw vegetables in a dressing typically made from oil and vinegar or lemon juice that's tossed and served as either a starter or an...
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Tuna Salad Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. Tuna is probably the most versatile type of seafood. It is a healthy substitute for meat. It has a distinct taste that makes it perfect for salads as well as sandwich dressing. Like chicken, tuna's taste is not strong so as to contrast with the taste...
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Go Nuts Over These Waldorf Salad Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. The most interesting thing about waldorf salads are their fresh sweet, nutty taste. This is especailly excellent for those summer get-aways and even as an appetizer or the Christmas holidays. It has a cheery taste, certainly separate from the usual...
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Must Try Soup And Salad Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. A meal is never complete without either a soup or a salad as an appetizer. Salads are fairly easy to make while soups differ on the level of difficulty of its execution. However, compared to main courses, these can be whipped up in no time.Quick...
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Best Delicious Pasta Salad-cooking Recipes
by Entp30. Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been invited to a party and realize you don’t have a meal to bring. Not only that, but the party starts in an hour. What should you do? You have four options: Don’t go, and miss out on a really fun time....
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Cucumber Salad Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. Cucumber salad is particularly ideal for those long, hot afternoons. Very ideal for the dry summer seasons. While summer is still far away for most countries, it would be wise to stock up on these great cucumber recipes that are guaranteed to cool...
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Salad Dressing Recipes
by Low Jeremy -. What makes or brakes a salad is the dressing. Although it does not easily grab our attention, these so-called silent ingredients play a very crucial role in determining the outcome of a salad. Tossed with the wrong dressing and the freshest...
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