Restaurant Secret Recipes of America

Your grandma did it, your ma did it, and now probably you are doing it too. I am speaking of reverse engineering. No, I am not indicating any high-tech geek stuff here. I am only talking about something most women and some men all over the world do, cooking. If you have knowledge about cooking, you will always try to reverse engineer the dishes that you taste, consciously or subconsciously. You reverse engineer when you try to construct the recipe of a delicious dish that you get to sample. . How many times have you thought, "Hey, this pudding really tastes good? I am sure that flavor was of cardamom." or "What gave this goulash its fine texture, was it a mash of broccoli? Or was that cauliflower?" When you think that way, you are reverse engineering the dish. And most probably, you will try preparing it at home just to get it out of your system. There's a legion of people who diligently follow this as a hobby. They eat in restaurants and try to reverse engineer the recipes that they like at home. It may take them several trials, and even a lot of expense, but this is a passion with these unique hobbyists. Most of them won't let go until they are able to correctly duplicate the recipe. You will be surprised to know that such kitchen enthusiasts visit hot gourmet restaurants just to get a taste of what they are preparing and make the same thing at home. Quite a few of them even meet with success. And what do they do when they hit jackpot with these how to easily cook then at home? Most of them will keep these secret themselves and jealously guard them too. But, a very few of these especially talented people will not mind distributing the spoils of their loot over the Internet. There are forums on the Internet where such people come together and discuss the recipes they have managed to recreate just from the taste and look of it. If you stumble upon these places, you will be amazed to see the kinds of recipes that are available. Recipes for the dishes that restaurants charge hundreds of dollars per head are freely available on the Internet. If your eyes are popping out already, put them back right in. You will need them when you attempt these recipes in your kitchen and surprise people whom you feed. The fruits of other people's reverse engineered labor could be yours for almost nothing at all. Just imagine how the gang will react when you whip up one of these secret delicious dishes in your own little kitchen and serve it to them. One place where you can get such reverse engineered secret restaurant recipes is delicious dishes archive. There are hundreds of others probably, but this is the one I know of and use in my own restaurant.

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