Learning The Secret Restaurant Recipes

But this is just not done. What I say, through my experience of being a chef for 20 years, is this, whether or not you are marvelous at cooking,

you must know at least three secret recipes that could come in handy when the time arrives. Think of the time when there's an important guest arriving suddenly at home and you budget is too tight to order a good meal.

Or just that your favorite restaurant is closed that day. Or think that you have to impress a special someone with your cooking skills.

There could be so many things that could need you to cook something fantastic and quickly enough. This is where knowing secret recipes can come in handy. When people least expect it, you are out with your secret recipes and your meal becomes a hit. You do not know much cooking, but do they know that?

They judge your cooking only through those secret recipes you delighted them with. Why three recipes but? Simply because you may not get all ingredients all the time. If you cannot get an ingredient for a particular dish at a particular time, you can make another recipe. Another reason could be that the guest may already have sampled one of your recipes.

That is why it is necessary to know these recipes that you keep secret until the time comes. But what do I mean by secret recipes? I am not talking about just any recipe; I am talking of the recipes that are prepared in hotshot restaurants. I am talking of the recipes that restaurants will guard with their lives.

I am talking of the recipes that the famous restaurants of the world earn their billions out of. Actually, though the restaurants think that their recipes are as secret as a world organization protocol, the fact is that they are easily available to the public. Where, you ask? On the Internet, of course.

There are some unique places on the Internet where people of the world come together with the only mission of duplicating these secret special occasion cook. When they succeed, and they do succeed with most of the recipes,

they put them up on the forum or blog or website or whatever. But obviously, the membership to such sites may be restricted and you will not find them easily to.

But keeping making your efforts, and try to master at least three secret restaurant. You never know which of them could actually save your life.

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