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I have always had a hard time cooking for my family of four. Each person has a very unique taste in food, and with my limited chef skills, I was just not able to meet the demands of my families mealtime preferences. In a last ditch effort to make up for my shortcomings, I decided that I would try to make something we all liked, and make small changes in the meal, in hopes that everyone would like what they were given.

This turned out to be very costly. Buying different ingredients for each family members meal, and sometimes even cooking completely separate meals for my son was becoming far too expensive for me to continue to do. It was about this time that I realized that we never had this problem at restaurants. It had always been sort of a family joke that we all end up ordering the same meals when we go to restaurants. Why was this true at restaurants, but I was experiencing the complete opposite at home? Well, for one thing, and let’s be honest, I am 100% positive that my home cooking couldn’t compare to Applebee’s Club House Sandwich.

It was by chance that I started searching online for restaurant recipes. It was my thinking that if I could prepare meals the exact way the restaurant did, I could probably avoid cooking a separate meal for my son, daughter, or husband. I looked for probably a week, and wasted a whole lot of money on terrible restaurant recipe guides that came out tasting nothing like the real thing. I started to lose hope.

I decided that I would try out one last guide. It was averagely priced compared to the previous guides that I had bought. I ordered it, printed it out and started preparing my meals using the guide. I couldn’t believe how much of a difference this particular guide made. Most of the meals that I cooked came out tasting very similar to the meals you would order at the actual restaurant. For the first time, I was able to please all members of my family with the same meal. Of course, I never told them what I was actually doing, although my husband did later catch on.

From one honest homemaker to another, if you want to save a fair amount of money, and cook excellent meals, Americas Most Wanted Recipes is definitely the guide for you.

Value For The Money: 10/10

The guide comes with so many extra, small guides that it is completely worth the price. I have almost completely changed the meals the I used to cook, and have learned to cook dozens more restaurant recipes from this guide. Not to Mention that it helps you save time and money throughout each month because you are not eating out as much.

Ease: 9/10

Some of the recipes can be a little complicated, mostly since I wasn’t used to using the techniques they used to prepare the dishes. Most meals can be prepared, cooked, and served in under an hour.

Overall: 10/10

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