Beef Crock Pot Recipe

Can you really make an interesting beef crock pot recipe? Most people, when they think about crock pot cooking they just think about crock pot stew. Now this can be delicious but there is so much more you can do.

Cooks often seem to just use their crock pot for one or two things and can’t seem to think of anything new.

Many a time we have received emails asking for a ‘new’ crock pot recipe. Something gourmet and unusual but nothing complicated. Which is so easy with your slow cooker.

Ok. The basics are to put the vegetables in the bottom of the crockpot and then add the meat and pour the liquid on top.

Now, remembering this principle you can take any oven casserole recipe and convert in easily into a crockpot recipe.

So, for the times when you want something a bit gourmet, just get out your favorite recipe book or food magazine and find a delicious beef casserole recipe.

Adapting a conventional recipe to work in the crock pot is easy. Most people we talk to either don’t know you can do it or are to scared to try.

Don’t stress, it is easy if you keep an eye on a few principles.

So we already know to place the veggies in the slow cooker first. This will ensure they cook in time. And then the meat goes on top of the vegetables.

Easy. We are half way to a delicious crock pot meal already.

Now to the rest of the recipe.

Because we always use the crockpot with the lid on, it makes sense that we have less evaporation and therefore will need less liquid.

So all you need do is reduce the amount of liquid whether it water, wine or stock.

It takes a bit of practice to know how much. But as a rule of thumb ensure the veggies are just covered.

If there is too much liquid, don’t worry. Just half an hour before serving mix up a little corn starch with some water and stir in. Turn on high and by the time you are ready to serve it will have thickened nicely.

One last thought. Herbs and spices tend to loose their flavor in the long slow cooking time. To counteract this, about an hour before serving, take a taste. And add more if needed and some salt and pepper if you wish.

Well, there you have it. An easy way to create an original delicious beef crock pot meal.

That’s all I do to create all our fabulous crockpot recipes at

Until our next Crock Pot Meal
Enjoy Cooking!
Lisa "The Crock Cook"

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